Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Polka

ChG "Shower Together" and "First Mate"
My pinky looks broken from this angle. I promise it's not!

I used:
  • Essie Trillionails basecoat
  • 3 coats of ChG "Shower Together" (could have passed with only 2 though)
  • Dots of ChG "First Mate" using two different sized dotting tools. Randomly applied.
  • OTD topcoat
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  1. O I really want first mate! I will have to place an order soon. Isn't it easy to go try for a flawless base colour before you do nail art when you really don't need to xoxox

  2. Exactly! If you start out with it perfect, it (usually) only gets better by the end of the process.
    Thanks so much!


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