Sunday, February 27, 2011

Claire's Wild/Calm + Bling!

So I know you've all most likely seen Claire's Mood Polish already, but this is one that never gets old. I just hate that the formula is the pits. :( You might as well only do this mani when you know you're going to change your polish the next day, cause it'll be chipped to nothing by then. It's beautiful while it lasts though!

I layered some OPI Teenage Dream over the top of it for added glitz.

 Dunked in hot water:

 Dunked in cold water:
 Left two fingers are cold water, right two fingers are hot water.

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  1. I'm relatively new to all this and I did not know that mood polish existed! Thanks for showing it! :o)

    Also, good to know that you can still layer and the color change comes through. Does the color change more without anything over the top of it?

  2. I never think of layering another polish over a moodie, definetely need to try this one day. :)

  3. cute. i should have gotten this mood polish instead of the ugly one i did buy! hahaha.
    maybe i'll do a post on mine sometime soon

  4. Jess- in my opinion the change is the same whether something is layered or bare.
    Ivana- yep you gotta try it! One time I used "excited/bored" and did monarch butterfly wings over it. It was so cool when the wings would change colors.
    Rebecca- I know right?! Sometimes I wonder what the clauses ppl were thinking! Take for example the one that changes from gray to washed out peach! Ugh looks terrible!


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