Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orly Spring 2011 - Sapphire Silk

I wanted to use the other Orly polish that I picked up from their Spring 2011 collection. So here is Sapphire Silk in all of it's beauty:
 I realize that the picture makes my hands look jaundice and orange, but it's the most color accurate that I could get. Most all of my pictures were making it look navy blue. This is a beautiful polish because it is so dark and almost dusky teal. It's very similar to Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Gray by Gray. Sapphire Silk is more blue/green while Gray by Gray is more blue/gray.
Simple swatch wasn't enough.... I had to add some pizazz. I just added dots in an uneven french tip with 3 different blue polishes.

 Here are the polishes I used: Back row - left to right : Orly Sapphire Silk, ChG Bahamian Escape, ChG Sea Spray. Front - Essie Coat Azure.

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  1. pretty! I just bought Sapphire Silk and now I need the rest of these colors you used cause your mani is just too cute!

  2. Oh My! I love that colour. I also love the dotty mani you did that it lovely
    Stacie xoxox

  3. Intersting color and I love the details you added! :)

    Reading blogs has really increased my polish budget.

  4. Very pretty and i love the way you placed the dots :)

  5. I love that!!!! It makes me want to try out my dotting tool for the first time.


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