Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Perfect Match

Do you remember my post with the hot pink nails with zebra print french tips? And the co-worker's wedding plans that inspired them? Well I wore them at work and the girl nearly freaked out with joy, so I offered to do her nails for her wedding as a gift to her, if she wanted that look. So we agreed on a pedicure! It'll be subtle, but still there. Compared to the "bride with the crazy painted fingernails," that she might regret 20 + years down the line looking at her wedding pictures. Lol

So then I was determined to find the perfect match in nail polish to her bridesmaids dresses! She told me it was called "Watermelon" at David's Bridal, so I stopped in there today to pick up a $1 swatch of fabric to then go hunting. :)
 How do you think I did?
This is China Glaze - Limbo Bimbo
 I think it's near perfect. :)
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