Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freaky Chemical Reaction

I know I mentioned before how Robin Moses talks about foil glue causing your polish to crack once you applied topcoat..."you have to wait and it will settle back down..." You remember? Ok, well I didn't know what she was talking about because I didn't see anything happen when I did my Holo Glitter Tips. Apparently it's not hardly noticeable when using glitter. I did find however, that there is some crazy chemical reaction that took place when I had polish -> straight foil glue -> topcoat. So this is what she meant! I snapped some pics so you guys could see too. It's pretty cool.
It happened when using a creme finish color too, it just didn't photograph as clearly.

Wet foil glue over Zoya Dannii
 Immediately after applying Seche Vite. Freaky!

 After five minutes

After ten minutes

After thirty minutes
This was as long as I was willing to wait it out. You can still see a fine disruption of the glitter, but it's not nearly as noticeable as in the first picture. In real life, I could hardly see anything wrong with it after thirty minutes.

And the nail stayed smooth as glass through the entire "cracking" process. It never made any bumps or ridges. The reaction occurs only where the foil glue and topcoat touch. It doesn't seep through the entire layer of topcoat. I hope I said that in a way that makes sense! Lol

Anyway, now you know!
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  1. Freaky is right! But i have a question (sorry if it's a dumb question). Why would you use foil glue without the foil? Or was this just an experiment?

  2. Lol Jess. No, good question. I noticed it first when I covered whole nail with foil glue and only a light application of glitter. For the sake of showing you all, I just did it straight so the reaction was visible. I probably should have mentioned that! Lol!


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