Friday, March 25, 2011

I See London, I See France

I see _______'s underpants!
How about you take a look at my Zoya Intimate Collection instead? The colors make me think of intimate apparel, which I think is what they were going for. Lol. I got mine in the mail just the other day. I bought it during the International Women's Day when they offered it for only $25! I couldn't pass it up. I also have some more Zoya's on the way because of taking advantage of the BOGO offer still going on. :) 
These are my first Zoya's. I couldn't justify the full price on a brand I'm unfamiliar with. Here we go:

My least favorite was Jules:

I just don't see myself wearing this color often. However, I do think it would incorporate nicely into my neutral leopard print color scheme....

Another disappointing shade was Dove:

I was hoping it would compare to my China Glaze Recycle. I've been loving that polish so much that it's nearly empty! I knew it wouldn't be a dupe, but I was thinking of using it similar ways. I just don't care for it too much. :( It's almost too light and washed out of a gray. Maybe it's just on my skin tone...

Pleasantly suprised by Marley:

This looks like a plain lilac creme in each photo I've seen. In real life, it's very interesting! It almost has a pearly finish to it. A very fine silver shimmer that is barely detectable, but adds an extra "pop!"

Wow Dannii:

I thought I would hate this one the most, but I actually like it! Zoya glitter or shimmers can sometimes look frosty to me. Which I don't like. I was afraid that's how this would look. I was wrong! And this was one of the easiest to apply. Just two simple coats.

Floored by Caitlin:

I knew this would be a hit with me. I'm recently in love with all these fantastic dirty/dusty blues. It's so great because it's almost as if the color can't decide if it's gray, blue, or purple. I love it!

Gemma really gets my goat:
Fabulous army/olive green with purple shimmer or is it duochrome? I don't know. :P But it's fantastic! This is finally a green that I like how it looks on me! I'm so happy because it's about time! Lol. This one seemed to have the runniest consistency. I may need to leave my bottle open for a bit so it can thicken some.Pin It


  1. Dove and Caitlin are my favorites!! Is Zoya available in any stores, or just online?

  2. I've not seen Zoya for sale in any stores. I've only seen it online. That's not to say that there aren't stores that sell it, just not here in my area maybe.

  3. I love Gemma too... my absolute favorite green! <3



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