Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shattered Glitter Glass

This is another Robin Moses. I attempted to follow her tutorial on Shattered Glass Graffiti Crackle. 
I had bought all the stuff as you can remember. I first experimented with them in Holo Glitter Tips. This time I went full force Robin Moses impersonator, and it wasn't that difficult at all!
 As LemonyEmily of Emily's Nail Files so hilariously put it: "I've got a bad case of glitter herpes" from the Inaz Glam Rock glitter. This was another three nails only experiment, so I just took some quick pictures right after the topcoat. If I were doing a whole mani I would definitely have to use a good hand scrub once it was completely dry, before taking pictures! ;)
 Some flashy holo goodness! Enjoy!
(I used the same products as in Robin's tutorial. Black polish, the foil glue, glitter, then black acrylic paint for definition.)
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  1. pretty! i like that you've branched out into using more than just polish.

  2. Wow, it's awesome! I'm gonna have to try that soon :)

  3. you are fantastic......i love it! isnt it so much prettier in person too!!?!?

  4. hahahaaa glitter herpes - its SO HARD to get rid of! haah! this came out amazingly! it really does look like shattered glass! Robin Moses is an absolute goddess, she needs some sort of nail art Crown. xxx


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