Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swap Jackpot

I feel like I just won the nail polish lottery. My swap package from Ivana came in the other day! I was very excited to see my 26 new polishes! Take a look and be jealous ;)

Essence Metallics! These are the ones I wanted the most. I can't wait to try them out.
Steel Me, Nothing Else Metals, Copper Rulez, & Iron Goddess
She also included the Fiona magnet for my experimentation.

S-he stylezone 420, 224, 436, 437
437 looks brown in the pic, but it's a dark maroon with fine copper/gold glitter!

Essence mini bottles. They are 8mL, 5mL, & 7mL
Cute as Hell: Not Just Cute & Bad Girl
Colour & Go: Movie Star & VIP Appeal
Stampy Polish in white
An Essence image plate! I was wondering how these compared to Konad & Bundle Monster, so now I get to see for myself! The plate is "01 Have Fun!" 
It's got some asian looking designs, multiple flowers, and cherries!
 Essence Multi Dimension: So Wanted, The One and Only, Dress to Party, & Love of Pink
Butterfly Single 6mL #61 (?) - shimmery pink

Catrice : Just Married & Sold Out For Ever
Essence Show Your Feet: In the Jungle & Deep Blue Sea

Nail Art Twins : Bonnie & Clyde
Fairy Tale : Humpty Dumpty
Crazy About Colour : Crazy Me
Essence Extra Moisture Nail & Cuticle Cream
 Viva La Nails: Star Glitter, Strip Glitters, & Blue Shell Pieces
And of course a cute postcard.
Lastly, I am sad to report that there was one fatality involved in this shipment. :( Let us all take a moment of silence for this poor polish that sacrificed it's integrity for the rest to survive....
 It was wrapped just as carefully as the rest (thanks Ivana!), but something must have happened that snapped it's neck. I'm not sure which color or brand this is because the leaked polish ate away all of the writing on the label. My guess would be another Essence Show Your Feet. I'm sad that this bottle didn't make it, but I'm glad that all of the rest arrived safe! I can't wait to start swatching!

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  1. OMG I am super jealous!!! Ive been trying to hunt down the Essence Metallics and Twins forever! You are one lucky girl. RIP the mystery Essence polish :(

  2. awwww...we can't stand the loss of even one bottle! :o)

    what did you send Ivana?

  3. Ivana posted my swap package to her, here:

  4. Oh so sorry for yourpolish! I know how it feels!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Now I know which one is this mystery brooken polish: Essence - Trendsetter. :( So bad! Enjoy! :)

  7. awesome haul!!
    i've got a couple essences on my wishlist, i might have to find someone to swap with sometime!
    the only problem is i don't have access to anything cool here so no one would really want to swap!

  8. This post made me so excited to receive my swap package from my friend Kati in the netherlands! She got me some of the essence magnetic polishes, as well as Catrice Sold Out Forever! I really hope there are no fatalities! :(

    I saw your comment about the light box on my blog... so funny that you said that because I was actually thinking about trying to make one! Which tutorial did you use?


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