Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pampered & Polished Party!

Yay! It was a success. I hope everyone learned some things and enjoyed themselves. I tried to take pics to share with y'all here, but I got tied up and missed some bits. I tried to keep it to a small enough group to be manageable in my size apartment. It ended up be 11 women total (I think). I tried to set up everyone a station. We removed old polish, used an exfoliating scrub provided by Jackie from Oma's Favorites, pushed back cuticles and filed, then polished & embellished! Here are my pics. Sorry if some are fuzzy or funny colors, I'm still learning how to work my new camera in non-macro mode!

My baskets of polishes sorted by color to let them choose easily.
 The lineup on my bar, before it made it's way to the stations. I love these twist and lock pumps to put remover in. I got them at Sally's for $4.99. It's great because it pumps the polish directly into the cottonball without risking spilling it everywhere.
 My mom (in the black shirt) was in charge of food. She made all sorts of crazy finger sandwich combos as well as some chips & stuff.

 Each seated where I carefully covered all of my furniture so that remover wouldn't damage anything.

 Jackie testing out Sally Hansen "So Much Fawn"
 CocoPuff is back again! Trying her hand at stamping (and failing miserably, lol!) I tried to tell them it takes some practice. There is a learning curve!
 Hold the phone! If that Kim trying something other than pink!?!?! Shock of all shocks! She went with Orly Ancient Jade!
 B already has a plan in mind involving colors to coordinate with a new purse and shoes! I like it!
 Ah! And rhinestones! :)
 CocoPuff is making a bigger mess, Jackie still can't decide and has changed her color ten times....
 B's nails turned out lovely!
 CocoPuff went with China Glaze Pink Voltage Neon, OPI Black Shatter over the top. Tonight was not the night for stamping after all....
 Sorry I didn't get more pictures of the completed manis. Some left before I thought about my camera again.
And these are the goodies I get! R gave up her whole stash because she doesn't do her nails much anymore. Even though some of the polishes are from back in the day, they're still nice. (One is "Love my Nails" anyone else remember that brand? Lol) I can use some of the polishes as bases for frankens! She even had a few OPI's! I was floored! She gave me Pearls of Wisdom & Loyalty Islands Lilac. Loyalty is apparently from back in 1997. Awesome of her to give them to me. Thanks again!
Overall it was a lot of fun and I encourage all that can, get a group of your friends together to do a spa party. It's great association.
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  1. Wow.. that does sound fun, lol!
    Now to find some friends who are actually interested in nailpolish...

  2. sounds like you all had a great time =D
    I was looking through my stash and found a "Love My Nails" polish - it's definitely one of my first purchased polishes from back in the day LOl

  3. Fantastic idea!!!

    Please visit my nail polish and designs blog!!


  4. B's nails really did look great! It seems like a lot of fun and what a great way to end the day with vintage polishes!

  5. looks like you have a lot of fun :) i would love to do something like this too

    shel xx

  6. omg, i would LOVE this. why have i never thought of this?!


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