Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saucy New Strawberry Shortcake

Why are companies sexualizing little girl's toys? I was in love with the cute, plump, toddler of Strawberry Shortcake. Why does she now have to be more "grown up" and wear a tighter dress with a shorter hemline? No wonder some of the kids of this generation have issues.

Old Strawberry Shortcake vs New:
Maybe you've forgotten but in February I tried to do some original Strawberry Shortcake nails, and I felt it was a failure. Some liked it, but I didn't. Here those are. Since my skills have been refined a bit since that original try, I thought I'd give it another shot! I used the newer version of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends.

 Thumb is Strawberry Shortcake's new dress.
 Index is Blueberry Muffin

Middle is Strawberry Shortcake (she photographed more orange than pink, but it was more color accurate in real life)

Ring is Orange Blossom (I made sure to include this brown sugar friend, just for you Jackie!)

Pinky is random Strawberry Shortcake doodles.
How do you think I did?
Here are the broken down pics for those that are interested. I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow Matte and Sally Hansen Iced Coffee. For Orange Blossom I sponged on some Orly's Prince Charming to give her some color. ;) All the rest of the colors are blended acrylic paints.

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  1. I'm new on your blog, I don't speek english very well (so sorry if don't understand or if I do mistakes...) ! I looooove your work ! Your nails are amazing ! I dream to do the same but I'm not an artist... So my comment is : WAOUW !!!!

  2. Aw I love it! I think you did a great job! =) And that before and after Strawberry Shortcake pic made me laugh lol...but how true!

  3. I really like this one. Especially the pinky.

  4. your thumb is so pretty!

    i think strawberry shortcake bypassed my childhood. i never watched it.

  5. ^ i mean pinkie. i just woke up. shh.

  6. I sent a message if you'd like to make something with growler but you do not know what it is. it is a bit like a bee
    and i like your work!

  7. I know what you mean about the "grown up look". It's a shame there can't be just simply cute human figures anymore - even Baby Born dolls are riding motorcycles and sold with a wedding dress!!!

    Your art is cute though. Keep up the good work. I can't believe how you're getting even more and more detailed by every manicure!

  8. @ cilla - yes, I can definitely do some bees for you. Just give me a few days to work on them and get it posted!

  9. my older sis would definitely disapprove of the new strawberry shortcake as do I. I don't like how they are over sexualizing every toy doll and cartoons. why can't they let kids be kids?!?

    LOVE your manis of course =)

  10. ah i love this manniii! looks so cutee

  11. LUFF! this mani is ridiculously cute!!

  12. this is so cool, the new version is cute but you can never match the old strawberry shortcake :)

    shel xx

  13. I don't think they are sexualizing her. It is just them trying to promote healthier lifestyles by having her be more fit and less rolly poly. That is also why it is only the fruit based girls now. They slimmed down the Care Bears too. I think they think it will help with the obesity epidemic tho I don't think it is as simple as that.

  14. wow me encantaron tus diseños eres genial yo amo decorarme las uñas y algun dia me gustaria ser tan buena como tu !!!!! eres una artista


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