Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aladdin - Part 1

Yes, this is only part 1. I have 3 more characters that I painted. I'll post them this afternoon, I'm just exhausted right now and tired of editing.
This was another favorite movie of mine as a child. I hope you enjoyed it too. Shouldn't every little girl fantasize about being a princess with a tiger as a pet?
 1 = Abu
2 = Aladdin
3 = Rajah
4 = Jasmine

 Base of China Glaze Spontaneous, all else is acrylic paint.

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  1. wow, i must say you are really really talented, i love how all of your designs are stunning and flawless and oh soo cute too, i love reading your blog it honestly makes me smile : )

  2. Wow, they're great! I've never seen Aladdin, but someday I will. :D

  3. stop being so goooood

    i cant wait to see the finished product of your cartoon project

  4. wow! you are too good at this! i'm so jealous
    aladdin is still my fav disney movie along with lion king =D

  5. aladdin was the first movie i seen in the cinema so it will always be a top film for me :)
    anoter great mani girlie!

    shel xx

  6. awww, Abu looks so sad :(

    You are so talented with the designs!!!


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