Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aladdin - Part 2

Thank you for all your positive comments about my cartoon nails! It gives me the added confidence to keep going with this massive project in mind. (I mentioned it here). And besides, it's nice to have a complete stranger tell you that your art is good compared to only hearing it from your mom up until now! ;) Something tells me she might be a bit biased? Lol

Ok, so here are the other 3 guys that got left out of this morning's post.
1 = The Sultan (Jasmine's daddy)
2 = Iago
3 = Genie

 I started to just use a glittery red polish for the Sultan's jewel on his hat, then I realized "d-oh!" I have rhinestones the right size. So I put that on at the end.
 The Genie is my least favorite. He turned out a bit scary looking in my opinion. But he's still recognizable, that's all that counts! lol
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  1. girl, those look amazing. you're so talented!

  2. I love the Sultan! Amazing, but what else would I expect?? Loveeee your designs.

  3. Awesome! I love the jewel on the Dad's hat! What a great added touch! :)

  4. I was just watching Aladdin yesterdayXD And you are too good at drawing them!!! My fav character is AbuXD I want your Abu nail on my nails:D

  5. Perfect, as usual. I'm beginning to think you're a robot.

  6. @Laura- ...maybe I am! Shh, don't tell! ;)


  7. Wow! It's awesome! Thanks for tutorial :* You're REALLY talented. Can I try to do it on my nails? The Sultan - the best! :D

  8. Thanks! Of course I will write about your blog, about that's your tutorial :) Probably I'll do it next week - now I must learning... Zzz... :D I'll send you message when I add post with it :] But... I'm not talented like you. but I try~!

  9. Wow it looks great!!!!


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