Wednesday, May 25, 2011

English Roses

For once I actually wore pink on Wednesday! I'm usually too random, that's why I haven't joined "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" I loved the movie Mean Girls, but I would have trouble sticking to a rule like that! Lol
I finally got around to using some more of my Dollar Nail Art supplies I'd ordered a while back. I want to get a lot more of the brightly colored metallic foils..... My first order was a lot of silver and just a few patterns. What was I thinking? 
This is "English Rose" which is very dainty and feminine. I really it, but I'd read other bloggers having trouble with the pattern on any of the foils not transferring completely. I thought it might be better to start with a base coat of a similar shade, that way any bare spots would be less noticeable. It did help!
 My base color was 2 coats of China Glaze Something Sweet. It's my favorite opaque, pale, baby pink.
Then I used the foil glue that Dollar Nail Art sends you with your order. Applied the glue and let it dry (just a few minutes), then press the foil down on the nail careful to burnish all the edges smooth. Gently pull up on the foil and it should leave the transfer on your nail. Topcoat to seal it in.
The "white" looking areas on the foil itself (you can see best in the first photo) are actually a pearly finish when transferred to the nail. It adds a nice little shimmer to the base color!
 There were a few areas where the foil wouldn't lie down flat and the pattern skipped, but you really can't tell! That leaves me a very happy girl.

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  1. i actually never knew that was how you use foils until now... thanks!
    these are so pretty!

  2. Wow, they look really pretty. I have seen some bad foils, but those look lovely!

  3. these are so pretty!! Ive never try using a foil before. >.<

  4. Thanks guys! This was actually my first time using nail art foils over the entire nail. I think researching them on other blogs before actually attempting it myself really helped. It helped me to troubleshoot before running into the troubles! Lol

  5. Wow, this is beautiful. I'm considering putting an order through now. You proved it *can* be done tastefully. :)

  6. So pretty.
    And I loved the movie Mean Girls, it's just so quotable. :D

  7. This looks absolutely incredible!

  8. that looks so amazing! i'm so going to check that website out :D

  9. What topcoat did you use? I've heard a lot of topcoats seem to be problematic because they make the foils crack and look messy! Yours looks flawless

  10. @Anonymous- I used Seche Vite topcoat, I know what you're talking about it cracking the foils... This pattern didn't do that as badly as the metallic foils. It wasn't noticeable really at all. The pictures are with topcoat, and the pattern is still quite beautiful.


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