Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hanging with my Girls

I invited my young gal pals over for an afternoon of polishing. I've set it as a personal goal to regularly have these girls over. They're a lot of fun, and it makes me feel like a role model! Lol (All three of these girls are early teens, btw). I don't know what was more fun for them, picking out nail polish or playing with my iPhone apps & camera. I'm cool with it as long as they had fun.
You even get to see their faces this time!
Here is the link to the post when two of these girls made their first appearance on my blog.

Cali-G is back!
 Cali G and Coco Puff both got a full set of acrylics about a week ago, so we jazzed it up with new polish and fresh pedis.
Her advice? "Go with bright colors, because it shows you have a bright personality."

Coco Puff
She took inspiration from my recent post of pink leopard with jagged black tips, and changed the colors up and wanted to go with "goopy drips" and not "jagged tips."
The end result? "It's very Nicky Minaj vs. The Flintstones" Lol
She wanted toes to match my Toes Like Rebecca post.

Last but not least is Wonder Woman
She couldn't like of any other strong, powerful woman to serve as her alias. :)
Fingernails were gradient sponged, kind of ended up looking like easter eggs though...
I had a proud moment when she was deciding on her pedicure. She asked for a "beautiful tiffany blue color, you know?"
Like this? China Glaze For Audrey (bonus points for her as a young person understanding the pun of the name!) Then she said that it would be really cute "if only you could do little bows like the ribbon the boxes are tied with..."
Like this? Konad image plate m56.
I love it when I can amaze people...
 They are simply adorable.

 I got the girls presents of a Konad stamper & scraper and Wet N Wild Black Creme. Then I let them pick a few each from my stamping plates that I rarely use (there was a forbidden pile of my precious plates) for them to practice and learn to stamp themselves. Stamping is the first thing I learned to master with nail art, so I hope to pass that torch to them!
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  1. aww thats really sweet of you to give them their own konad starter kit! "Wonder Woman"'s toes are so cute!! m56 is definitely on my wish list

  2. ^ m56 is on my wishlist too! those toes are adorable.

    and of course i like the rebecca toes :P

    and i LOVE the drippy nails, they are fab. i sorta wanna try the same color combo on my nails but i don't think yellow suits me... hmmmm

  3. That was so nice of you :)

    And I really love the pink leopard with jagged tips mani.

  4. thats nice of you to give the girls mani-pedis and treat them to a little konad starter set. you are a true inspirational role model.

  5. What a great story to read about a group of people having a blast with manis. Love the goopy nails!

  6. Aw, that's so sweet of you. The nails ended up looking adorable!

  7. LOVE how you're spending such quality time with these girls!

  8. They all look great! That seems like such a fun time.


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