Friday, May 27, 2011

The Life of a Construction Worker

Basically I went slap nuts buying stuff I needed to reorganize my polish room... It started out being just two things that I "needed," and then morphed into a spring cleaning fiasco of that entire room and closet. When I woke up earlier and walked into my hallway to find this mountain of garbage... I actually startled myself. Lol. "Ah! I've been robbed! ....... Oh yeah, I did that"

Two of the pieces that I bought required assembly, so that's how I felt like a construction worker. I only have one piece done so far, but it's the most important, so here it goes:

I got a Melmer! Or Michael's Craft Store - Helmer!
(It was 40% off in store if you go before Sunday!)
I was sick of looking at all of the massive overflow and disorganization of everything. I don't want to store all of my polishes in this, but I did want to put a few unruly bottles in here. I thought that if I bought this now, it will benefit me down the line if I do decide to store my polishes that way.
All of the pieces can be a little overwhelming:
Hahah! 15 minutes!? Who do they think I am? Al Borland from Home Improvement?! It took me more like an hour, but you'll see why at the end.

Wally approves of a new hiding place halfway through.

It took me a bit longer because I decorated the fronts before attaching the handles! While in Michael's I picked up some scrapbooking paper that I liked the look of and felt matched somewhat. In hindsight, I wish I had matched it closer to just blue and brown. The purple kind of overwhelms the other two colors in what I did pick out. Whatever! It's still cute!
How I did it: While the drawer fronts were still flat before applying the handles I cut the paper to fit. Then applied them to the drawer fronts with "Mod Podge" which is a decoupage medium that I already had. (If you don't have this, you can water down regular white glue and it works the same). Once the paper was in place and smoothed down, I applied another coat of Mod Podge over the top to seal it in. Waited for it to dry and applied the handles!
I realize this has been done before. I got the idea from reading someone else's blog, but I don't recall where it was, and frankly I'm too lazy to google it right now because my second construction project is still in the box! I want to get to work on it right away. It's a cute "gaming table" from Pier1Imports. It was on clearance, I plan on using it for when I have a friend over to do their nails, not games. That way I can face them with a small table in between us and the few supplies I need. The table is convertible from a standard decorative tray top table, to a backgammon board, to a checkerboard. Here's the pic from the website.
Here is to hoping that mine ends up looking remotely like the above picture! Lol

*edit* SCORE one for me! Here's to opening the box and finding it already assembled! Apparently the box was the exact dimensions while I thought it was bulkier! It's the perfect size! I'm very pleased!

*edit #2* Harri of TrailerHood Chic was kind enough to point out that she recently did a post on her Melmer that she decorated here. So check it out! While I did remember her post after looking at it a second time, the one I'm thinking of was this girl that covered the front of her Helmer drawers with paint or paper, here.
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  1. that is bad ass. I was just thinking I needed better storage. I plan on hitting up Michael's before Sunday. thank you!!

  2. awesome! i don't know who's blog you saw it on, but maybe you read my mind, because that's what i plan on doing with my helmer! (in august when i get it.)

  3. I saw this at Michael's but took a pass on it because I bought a 3 shelf bookshelf so I can display them instead. Now I'm thinking that I should pick one up, you know, "just in case". ;)

  4. Awesome melmer! :) I'm still debating between getting this, a polish rack, or an IKEA Helmer??? Your melmer looks wonderful! Nice job!

  5. Thanks Harri! I edited my post to direct ppl your way. But there was also a second blog I saw it on.... Can't seem to find it now... :(

  6. Cute! I like the paper you chose. :D


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