Friday, May 27, 2011

Nubar - Reclaim

This polish was on my wishlist for a while. My favorite color of all time is green, and it's holographic. No more explanation needed, right? It dawned on me to check e-bay and I was able to get it for $7 or $8! Why hadn't I checked there sooner? So I bought it the other night and when it came I was thrilled! I have found a green nail polish that for once looks good on my skin tone! Hooray for a mission accomplished!

This picture is color accurate for my skin tone as well. I'm super pale. I've embraced it though, and proud to say that I've never been in a tanning bed, and don't plan to! While others are leathery and old, I'll still have good skin in my old age! Hah!

This picture pretty well represents what it looks like when indoors. It's a luscious emerald green with a glow to it. And the holographic effect is strong enough that it is definitely noticeable indoors. Unlike Milani 3d holographics.
Money well spent!
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  1. So gorgeous! It's on my wishlist too :) xxx

  2. Beautiful color! I'm addicted to that type of green!

  3. this polish is stunning, it looks like peacock feathers

  4. awesome! i love inexpensive wishlist polishes. haha

  5. So pretty! I actually just ordered this off of e-bay 2 days ago and it shipped yesterday. Can't wait to get it, especially after seeing your swatches. I love green and have very similar coloring to you (and I never have and never will tan also). :)

  6. this polish iS FANTASTIC
    any dupes that are more available? :D

  7. This has also been on my wishlist for a loooong time... I may have to check evil bay. :) I'm paler than you also... never tanned and don't want to. I love my pale skin!


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