Saturday, May 28, 2011

SciFi Toes

I only change my pedicure every week to two weeks. I hate that awkward position you have to be in, and I can't get a close as I can with my fingernails, so it never looks as good as I want it to. Up until last night I still had my M&M toes, but there was new growth and they had to go :( 

I wanted to pack them full of my Love & Beauty Disco Nights holographic glitter, the painstaking removal will be for future Leslie to worry about. I applied a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep, then three coats of Disco Nights.

-blurry holo glitter goodness-
 They make me think robotic, futuristic, science fiction.
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  1. I only change my toes about every week too. I like putting glitter on them but then I have to foil-method my toes and walk around the house like a newly declawed cat. It's pretty spectacular.

  2. I change mine about every week and a half. I'm loving the "robotic, futuristic, science fiction" look. ;)

    @Laura - You totally made me LOL!

  3. fajne ;3 kawaii !.
    zapraszam cie na mojego bloga:
    pozdrawiam poppy xoxo

  4. Looks great!
    I change mine about every one and half - two weeks.

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