Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Additional Winners Are....

The judging round has concluded! After a 20 minute heated discussion.... we have reached our decision!
In no particular order.....

Love @ First Sight
I have loved Marion's creation from the minute she sent it to me. I think her design is so well executed. The turkey is adorable! So I loved it, and my family agreed that it was worthy of a prize!

"Reely" Creative Use of Cartoons
I love how Lisa incorporated cartoons and food! This is perfectly fitting for my blog topic! You guys know I love painting cartoons, and there were several of you guys who used cartoon related topics, but Lisa's were by far the best execution!

Highest Calories
Irma was very clever in the way she designed her nails. She used each nail to represent a different ingredient to Boston Cream Cake, then the thumb brought out the final product. So cute! Great job!

Most Unappetizing
I said, Do ya speak-a my language? She just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich!
Yeah, a fourth category was created so I can use that line from "Men at Work".....
When I asked Cathy from "a land down und-a," what does Vegemite even taste like... she said this:
"Well, it’s a very salty and savoury spread, intended to be spread very thinly.  It has a similar consistency to peanut butter but would taste similar to Marmite or Bonox?
It can be used as a flavour enhancer for stocks and gravies, so it has a flavour likened to concentrated dark mean like beef.
Sounds gross doesn’t it, but we grew up on it and love the stuff!!"
Yes, that does sound disgusting! But her design was interesting enough that I'll pack her up some nail art goodies and send them her way. Unfortunate for me & Kim, our mom now is determined to order some Vegemite online and try it.....

Quotes from the hilarious judging session:

Micah - "Can you put Vegemite in a Bloody Mary?"
Argued with me over the rules of my own contest and that this one or that one wasn't even on natural nails. Like I don't know nails....

Mom - "What is this one?" ...cheese.... "It's gotta be in the runnings!"

Dad - "Who's having a contest?"
"What are we looking at here? Is this supposed to be fingernails?"
"Do they expect to win anything of value?"
*edit* Removed by author
"Hey, this one looks like fish!" Yes, master-stater of the obvious......
I swear he is just clueless.... but completely honest and nonbiased! He was the most intent in studying the pictures. (I don't want you to get the wrong opinion of my dad, he is a very successful businessman who works helping people with financial investments.... Scary, huh?)

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  1. lol. I love the dad quotes... they just sound so familiar. I wonder if our fathers know each other. :oP

  2. Very funny - love the quotes from the judges!. Thanks for the prize. Email me, I would love to send you some vegemite for the family to share!! Congrats to the other winners too!

  3. Haha! I am assuming dad meant my trout fingers. Tell him they're bait. I just wiggle my fingers in the water and wait for a bite. ;)

  4. Such a lot of fun - Congratulations to all the winners. You sound like a great family too - lol at your Dad!

  5. Haha "who's having a contest" :p Nice one..
    Congrats to everybody =D

  6. <3 Your family is hilarious.

    Let us know how the vegemite goes... :x

  7. Your family is too funny! Congrats to all the winners!

  8. Congrats to all of the winners! Everyone: your work was beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the designs =) and I know how much hard work was put into your designs as nail art can be a tedious process
    My design was the one being referred to as "this popcorn bag makes it too busy I can't tell what it is" I am not offended, because I know my nail art is good, I have many achievements under my belt for producing original hand painted designs. Among my achievements I have received 1st place and runner up in contests hosted and sponsored by LCN and OPI. My suggestion would be in the future not to post the commentary that could come across negative, some people may not take it as well as others do. If this were someone new to nail art, those kind of comments may discourage them and or lower their self esteem. I have seen some people do get discouraged when they don't win contests and comments such as some of the above can discourage them even more.

  9. @steph- I am so sorry if you were at all upset by reading that. It was not my intention to discourage anyone! I removed the comment, I do not want to offend anyone. He did not mean it as a discredit to your abilities in nail art. I think you are very skilled. His comment was simply that with the choice of prop, it distracted from the detail within your work. It was simply his opinion and as we all know, that varies from person to person. Again, I'm terribly sorry that it may have come across discouraging.

  10. Not offended at all because of my knowledge and skills, but someone new to nail art may have taken some of the commentary offensive.

  11. congrats to all the winners!
    i guess i'll be looking for that bow bracelet when i'm in forever 21 this week! :P


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