Saturday, June 25, 2011


*SPOILER ALERT!* Bambi's mother dies. 
If you didn't cry during that part of the movie, something is seriously wrong with you.

Bambi's mother can live forever here on this little acrylic nail.
As well as Bambi himself.

 Owl & Thumper & Flower

Do you remember the part about the Owl teaching them about the others that were "twitterpated"? I know an old man who uses that word far too often and he makes himself looks foolish instead of funny. Lol
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  1. Oh I love that movie, and of course I cried...who didn´t? :D Flower is so cute ;)

  2. So cute!
    With that an episode of the Nanny comes to my mind when Fran asks C.C. if she found it sad when Bambi's mom was shot and she just said: " I'm sure she's mounted on a nice wall in a fine home somewhere." :D

  3. Hi! wow ur freehand skill is awesome and really neat :)

  4. Owl & Flower are my favourite, you painted them so well!

  5. I cried. Like a baby. I am an emotional wreck at sad movies. I love Flower though! So cute!

  6. I've only seen the first half of this movie and Thumper is indeed my favorite!! I always remind my mom that I had a deprived childhood since I never saw this as a child... :(
    And lol @Sandra: That's exactly what I was going to say!! "When Bambi's mother died... did you find that a sad moment?" I love The Nanny waaay too much!


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