Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eyeko - Coral Polish

This was my first Eyeko polish to try and I really like it. I don't understand why polish brand from other countries have such tiny bottles? Are we in the US just feeding the polish hoarders with 15-19mL polish bottles? Eyeko only had 8.5mL, Essence 8mL, H&M 3mL, GOSH 8mL, Catrice 10mL..... I think I see a pattern here. I guess just another way to link to why Americans have such a problem with obesity. We think bigger is better, and we always want more, More, MORE! :)
 Just a very bright orange-y red. This was 2 coats, still some very minor visible nail line, but that didn't bother me enough to put a third coat on. I love it! Hope you do too!
I'm off to eat an entire container of Crescent Rolls. 6 in a package? Really? That's all? I can eat all 6, thank you Mr. I'm the dough-boy.
They are just too tasty to share....

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  1. omg i love those crescents too and i could totally eat them all.
    now i want some so bad!

    also, if capitalism and consumerism means more nail polish per bottle - i'm in :)

  2. Ooh, crescent rolls... Did you order the Eyeko online or do they sell it in any stores in the US?

  3. I love everything about this post. New polish brand & Crescent Rolls? Yes please!

    The H&M nearest to me has two sizes of polishes, their mini's and regular size.

  4. Honestly smaller polish bottles sound like a better idea anyways!! You hardly ever finish a full bottle, and by the time you get about half way it gets all gummed up anyways!! Smaller bottles solves both those issues!

  5. I love orangy-red colour! Did it apply easily?? I prefer bigger nail polish bottles too:) Bigger bottles with nice wide brushes are the BEST! I don't like the short and tiny brushes:< So hard to apply!

  6. @ Laura- I got it as a prize in a nail art contest. I guess I should have mentioned that....

    @ A Polished Touch - I know what you mean, I guess this is the mini bottle. I got it from Swaafie's contest.

    @ Kayleigh - I see what you're saying, but thinner has always resolved any of my gummy issues.... and even with a smaller bottle, the brush can't even reach it well when it's half empty. So I still feel like bigger is better.

    @ Minnie - applied like a dream! Formula was on the thin side, but really workable.


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