Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nail Foil Tutorial

Ends in failure by the way. :(
You'll see.

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Spontaneous. Waited for that to dry and applied foil glue from Dollar Nail Art in a diagonal french.

Allow that to dry until it goes back to clear. (Only a few minutes)

Apply foil (mine was Ocean Mist also by Dollar Nail Art) by lightly pressing it down to the surface of the nail and pulling straight back up. Shiny side UP.

Repeat until entire area with glue is covered.

Topcoat has a freaky chemical reaction with the foil glue. It makes the foil "crack" and distorts the pattern. Topcoat was applied to the left nail. You can really see the difference.

Topcoat the entire manicure.

I still felt it needed something, so I added some star glitter shapes to my ring finger. Here's where it started to fail. I wasn't really loving it now, but went to bed anyway.

Then I woke up to find this. :( It's like the stars took all of the color from the foil on that nail! This only happened on the nails with the stars... so I just took it off and tried something else. Freaky stuff..

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  1. First off very cute mani!
    How did you find ordering from Dollar Nail Art? I tired to order from them at least 3 times, would get a confirmation page, but then never received my order. Then when I emailed them, they said they had no record of it. Granted they never charged my card, but it was so frustrating I finally gave up. It's a shame too because they have such cool stuff, and wanted to buy a big haul. :(

  2. @Vegan Makeup junkie - It wasn't too terrible. I do hate the navigation on their website. The whole layout is what I imagine some middle school student creating for a project.... And I hate that they put a $25 minimum to be spent on there. :( Did you try ever printing the confirmation page you got so that you would have proof to show them? Sorry you had such trouble!

  3. Hi Leslie,

    First off, i think its brave for you to try foils at all haha, i know i would fail so i wont even bother..

    Second, i could not find an email address to contact you, I just wanted to ask/suggest one for your nail art ideas.. idk if you take ideas but if so plmk :)

    Love your blog & your nail art!

  4. Love4lacquer- sorry I'll add a contact me button to my blog, thanks for pointing that out to me. And I'm always up for suggestions!

  5. I have been wanting to try foils for ever and haven't done it yet. I look at Robin Moses videos on youtube she says that she uses a UV topcoat and it's lessens the cracking on foils :)

  6. I think it looks great, as usual. It's one of those things that drives you crazy but nobody else notices. :)

  7. Wow very interesting effect!

  8. great foiltechnique! :D thx for the tutorial


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