Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vote in the "Good Enough to Eat" Contest

Finally, the deadline has passed, entries have been reviewed and posted for your viewing pleasure! This was a lot of fun and I'm really impressed by the overwhelming response as well as what some of you guys came up with! Surprisingly, there were a few common themes...
Please check out all of the amazing designs and fill out the form at the end in order to vote!
Entries have been posted in the same order that they were submitted.

1. Amy from Ireland.
Different brands of candy from her area.

2. Catherine from Ireland

3. Zara from Never Unpolished.
A unique approach to pizza.

4. Alyssa
A fast food theme: hamburger, french fries, pizza, hot dog, and a soda. 

5. Michelle from Sonoma Bento which is actually a food blog! 
So she did trout fingers!

6. Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails.
Froot Loops floating in milk!

7. Kate V. from Nails By Kate Vergara

8. Pip from On My Finger Tips.
 Bounty chocolate bars because they're her favorite. She even used Revlon's Coconut Crush, so the design smells like coconuts to!

9. Laura from Lauras Lacquers.
Nerds candy and all of the cute little things the nerds are always doing on the boxes! Superhero nerd, skateboarding nerd, propeller cap nerd, lazy nerd bouncing a ball, and a nerd catching a frisbee.

  10. Ann
This was her first ever attempt at nail art! And she did an entire fast food series!

11. Joyce from JMemoir 
chose strawberries

12. Marion from France
did all sorts of tasty foods!

13. Misha from Enigmatic-Rambles
Cookies because everyone has a favorite one of those! She chose to do an oreo, a party ring, jammy dodger, a choc chip cookie and a chocolate digestive.

14. Stephanie S.
Inspired by a night at the movies and enjoying all the yummy movie night snacks!

15. Adeline from Pretty-Lil-Things.  
"Welcome to the state fair! Have a bite of your favorite state fair food including buttered popcorn, corn on the cob, mint ice cream, hot dog, and everyone's favorite cotton candy."

16. Kayleen
She calls it "fruit salad". Included in the "fruit salad" are oranges, strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, and watermelons. 

17. Theodora aka Pink Lady from Red Hair and Black Nail Polish.

18. Diana from  The Girl With a Bow.
"Creme Eggs are my absolute favorite food, I eat them from February to June every year when they're on sale :D I based this design off the wrapping and yummy insides of a Creme Egg."
19. Jo
M&Ms, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, & Lemonheads.

20. Helen from Geez Le Weez.
"Breakfast nails, nothing beats bacon, eggs and toast."

21. Zarina from Marshee  
Inspired by ice cream of all flavors.

22. Minnie from Mini Nail Blog 
What she says "the theme is "What I Want to Eat on My Greedy Day" hehehe:D
Starting with a fresh glass of orange juice and a croissant for breakfast (pinky), a cup of latte with a strawberry muffin for morning tea (ring), a mini pizza and salad for lunch (middle),
a generous slice of cake, choc chip cookies and gummy bears for afternoon tea (index) and sushi and sashimi for dinner (thumb)"
These were made using acrylics hand made & painted by herself.
23. Betina
"Good enough to eat = anything chocolate *nuff said* heh
I have made a chocolate cake, chocolate bar, chocolate covered strawberry and lastly wrote "choco" on the pinky nail, all on a French manicure :D"

 24. Sofie from Swaafie
"Inspired by some Haribo liqourice - which I looove! The design is both inspired by the candy itself and the bag it comes in."

 25. Sylvia from Nail Art Creations
Cute apples utilizing rhinestones.

26. Karen
"The very first thing I thought of was the spaghetti scene in "The Lady and the Tramp." Romantic much?"

27. Felice
"Peppermint candy, a melting ice cream cone, chocolate glazed donut, a strawberry cupcake, and a slice of red velvet cake."
28. Jihye Lee from JihyeLeeArt.Tumblr
"If I had all the money in the world and a super power that involved being immune to mercury poisoning, I would happily eat sushi for the rest of my life..." 

29. Karin aka KarzU from My Travel Diary - Karzu 
"My inspiration was a huge cookie basket, full of different types of cookies, and I decided to make cookie nails!... I decided to make the cookies from clay, by myself."

30. Vanessa from I Love My Nails.


31. Sonja from Happily Polished
" My inspiration for the manicure has been kiwis. Personally I don’t like the taste of kiwi as I’m a bit allergic to it, but I loooove the look of the fruit, it’s fresh and vibrant – and green nail polish just suits my skin tone."

32. Cheryl from The Cheryl Flavor
"I did an entry on Sushi as Japanese Food are my fave!"
33. Jessica from Jessi Jelly Nail Art 
"My nails were inspired by homer simpson. This is the process of a donut being eaten."

34. Malou from Krazie Chic
"Japanese food sushi and onigiri."
35.  Stephanie C from Map To Beautiful
Mint chocolate chip ice cream!
36. Sandra from My World
"Inspired by Italian kitchen - pizza, spaghetti & meatballs and of course the delicious gelato."

 37. Cayley
"Being that my favorite food is Taco Bell (which I eat as often as I can), I couldn't think of anything more mouth watering to put on my nails than tacos. The down side is, I can't look at my nails without getting a craving!"

38. Griselda from Oh Me! Oh My!
Popsicle Nails - A cool summer treat to beat the summer heat!

39. Cassidy from Cassidy's Crafts

40. Kate W. from Kiwi With The Crazy Nails

41. Lisa from Shades Of Magick.
"Ever since (I think) AT&T released the "Let's Go Out to the DMV" commercial, I've been thinking of the snack foods from "Let's Go Out to the Lobby."That's what I've got for you. Popcorn, Hotdog, Soda and Candy. I also painted a movie reel on my thumb to tie the theme together."

42. Jane from Nail Side.
"It's inspired by sliced citrus fruit. I really liked the round shape of them so used it to create an abstract pattern in exotic colours."

43. Marijana from Nails from Fairy Tale
"A usual lunch in Serbia. From thumb to little finger - from drink to desert. So, before lunch we always drink something, usually it's wine or rakija (drink that is made in Serbia mixing alcohol and fruits). Then there is soup, that is usually chicken soup or tomato soup. Then the most favorite meal in Serbia - Sarma (something like cabbage rolls; we make that with cabbage, bacon and minced meat). Sarma doesn't look nice when you see it, but it's very delicious. Then is turn for fried burger with lettuce and lots of onion. And finally - desert. We usually have all sort of cakes, and mine favorite is Strawberry cake :)"

44. Katrine from Creative Nail Polish
"I thought of shrimp cocktail and I had to have a theme. It became Hawaii and if you can't see what's what; the thumb is a Piña Colada, from left to right: a banana, the shrimp cocktail, a pineapple and "Hawaii" with a Chinese hibiscus which we in my country call Hawaii flower."

45. Cathy from More Nail Polish
"Being an Aussie, there was only one food item that I could pick to represent on my nails, Vegemite.  Mmmmm fresh vegemite sandwich *aaarrrggghhh*" 

46. Yoli from I *Heart* Delicious Nails
 My design is inspired in Nerds candies, I love them so much!!
47. Irma
"My contest entry is what I call "Boston Cream Cake Recipe". The thumb has the actual cake and the rest of the fingers have the ingredients to make the cake."
48. Rhyam
"It's all about breakfast food for my design! On my pinkie I have bacon, ring finger has a sunny side up egg, middle finger has a stack of pancakes with butter and syrup, pointer finger has a glass of oj, and thumb has a cup of Joe!"

*edit* You may only vote once per e-mail address! Multiple votes using the same email address are being deleted. Did you really think I wouldn't check that? Lol. You just shot yourself in the foot. Sorry!  Rules are rules...


I'm surprised more of you guys don't already have nail art 
blogs! Some of the ones I thought were most well thought out and executed came from y'all that didn't list a blog URL. I encourage all of you to check into it. It's wonderful to showcase your art to the world and have others appreciate your hard work. :) I hope everyone enjoys this contest as much as I am!
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  1. WOW!! Awesome entries!! i love all of it.. HAVE FUN VOTING GUYS!!

  2. holy overwhelming response!! i need to figure out who to vote for! this could take a while...

  3. Jeez, you got A LOT of entries! Nice!

    Good luck to everybody! =D

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  5. great creations! good luck to everyone!!

  6. Wow this is it, goodluck to everyone..
    all entries are wonderful.. :)

  7. 48!! They all look so yummy! Good luck everyone!

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  9. They all look amazing! It was so hard to chose!

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  11. Wow! That's awesome! It's great that you got so many.

  12. Very nice entries, congrats to all who entered!

    (I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details!)

  13. Wow, mostly I like the BOUNTY nails!! :-)

  14. great job girls, every mani is unique :-D

  15. So many participants, it's hard to choose one favorite :)

  16. I LOVED seeing these entries!!! Great job to EVERYONE!!!

  17. Everyone did such a great job! Good luck to everyone!

  18. I'm still giggling at the trout nails. Love them.

  19. That was a really hard decision, very talented ladies!

  20. wuaUUUUU
    que lindo esta todo, super profesionales


  21. 48 entries that's amazing. Great job everyone. Goodluck to all.

  22. So many fantastic entries!! Well done!!

  23. Awesome idea for a wonderful and fun contest. Amazing and creative nail art, good enough to eat" LOL Love this.


    George :)

  24. WOW O_O|I.... That is A LOT of entries.... I hope that everyone will get a lot of votes ^3^

  25. They're all really great! Good luck to everyone:) xx

  26. Wow, there are a TON of entries! I would have a hard time choosing...if I weren't just voting for myself. :)

  27. Wow, so many awesome entries! That was a really tough decision!

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