Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are You Absolutely Shore, Agent Lavender?

Just a quick look at a combo I wore to work last night. Essie Absolutely Shore on three nails and China Glaze Agent Lavender on the accent nails. :) I like it!
I really liked the formula on Absolutely Shore, on the other hand... I've always had issues with Agent Lavender. It covers well but has really poor self leveling properties. It finishes with a strange ridged up mess. Thankfully topcoat smoothes it all out into a beautiful finish...
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  1. Looks great! Your manicure kinda reminds me marshmallows. :D

  2. I really like Absolutely Shore... ughhh NO MORE LEMMINGS! I think I'm going to go deposit allll of my spending money in the bank today so I literally have to go on a no buy.

  3. Love this, Agent Lavender was my first China Glaze and one of my favourites :) Have something similar to Absolutely Shore so will have to try this combo x

  4. shush i'm trying to avoid needing absolutely shore


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