Friday, July 29, 2011

Born Pretty Store - Nail Foils Review

I was contacted by the lovely people over at the Born Pretty Store to potentially review some of their products, so here we go!

The item they sent me was a set of nail foils.
"16pcs Black & Silver Grid LV logo Foil Nail Sticker Nail Art DIY" sells on the website here for $5.37.

 I love the rainbow effect in the writing on the package.

The directions are listed on the back and are pretty standard as far as full nail stickers.
Lightly buff nails, remove all remaining residue. Select the nail foil that is closest to the size of your nail, peel it from the backing and lay rounded edge against cuticle. Rub the foil firmly to adhere, you can stretch them to avoid creating ridges. File off remaining foil that extends past the free edge of the nail.

They went on easily, I didn't have any big problems. It was a little difficult to find an exact fit for my nails, but if I had been more patient and cut a larger one down to size... I'm sure that would have worked. I did find it very easy to lift up an area and reposition if need be, so that was nice. It helped me to smooth out the wrinkles.

They are very shiny and Minx like. I still had a few wrinkles, but they weren't too bad. It seemed to me like the edges wouldn't lie flat. Around the cuticle, it kept looking like it was rolling up. :(
 The directions do not state that you need to use a topcoat. The removal process states wash hands in warm soapy water and peel off. So you can't wash your hands and expect these to stay on? That seems a little ridiculous to me. How much wear time can you really expect like that? The package states "11 day wear," I see no way that would be possible. (And gross! So you can't wash your hands for 11 days?!)

I decided to apply a topcoat after I initially put them on to see if that would improve the wear time.

In 2 hours mine came off because I had washed my hands and they kept rolling up anyway. The edges wouldn't lie flat. :(
Removal was easy, they peeled off in one sheet and the little bit of adhesive left on a few of my nails came off with a little nail polish remover.

Look at what happened when I put topcoat on it! This was one coat of Seche Vite over the sticker and it freaked out and developed all of these insane ridges immediately!

Eew, creepy looking!

Index was regular slow drying topcoat,
Middle was Seche Vite.
Ring was no topcoat, just the sticker by itself.
Pinky was Seche Vite, but no crazy reaction. ???

I don't much see the point in purchasing these unless you want super shiny mirror like nails for just a few hours. Maybe some kind of event? If you want to impress someone for just a short period of time? If you never intend to wash your hands again? That's just my opinion. :)
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  1. I really like how shiny these are, but if they last only few hours then they're pretty pointless. I could never go even an afternoon without washing my hands!

  2. Ooh yeah I heard about these... I was like "Wait, so... how do you wash your hands if you DON'T want them to come off?" It's a little weird, and that SV thing is crazy. I just don't like nail stickers personally, but they were pretty while they lasted!

  3. I have a set of these to review as well, but I haven't used them yet. I had a feeling when I read how to remove them that they wouldn't bee very long lasting.

  4. Look at this nail art Kia commercial, it totalllly made me think of you!!!

    (That isn't my blog, not affiliated... you just have to see!)

  5. They sent me some to review, and I couldn't even bother to post a review because I hated them. I went to shower later on that night, and then they came off.. and they were really wrinkly.
    Definitely not something anyone should buy.

  6. XD
    I got these too, i haven't tried them yet though.

  7. I discovered today your blog! 11 DAYS WITHOUT WASHING HANDS?! No, Thanks. The sticks are nice but I need to wash my hands!

    Regards from Spain.


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