Friday, July 1, 2011

Essie - Sand Tropez

I picked this up when it was on sale at Walgreens for 1/2 price. I don't think it's a great nude color for me, but I ended up wearing it for 3 whole days! That's a total record for me. Lol. It lasted very well. No chips, just a mild bit of tipwear that wasn't even noticable from a distance. I tried to spice it up the last night and stamped the new bundle monster fishnet pattern over it in dark purple.... Yeah, no picture cause it was a terrible fail. It looked like I had taken the mesh bag that fruit comes in and glued it to my naked nails. The worst part is that I was doing it at the last minute before going to work and had to wear it all night even though it looked atrocious. I simply ran out of time to fix it! Oh well, we live and learn. It showed the people at work that my ideas are not always fabulous. :)
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  1. I love it!! I think it suits you fine!

  2. i just got this for 50% off today too, from rite aid! i think i'm going to try to use it as a base for an independence day mani

  3. Love this shade!! :) nice blog! hope you come visit mine! kisses!



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