Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Nails - Sarah

Now for "Sarah with an H" nails! She was interested in all my nail goodies, so these are the two manis I showed her how to do while I was visiting.

Zoya Mira with toothpick leopard spots. (It ended up looking like camo in my opinion, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) The spots are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet and then Sephora by OPI - Ocean Love Potion.

These were sweet and fun. China Glaze - Pink Voltage Neon and the I showed her how to do polka dots using a white Sally Hansen nail art pen.

I love it when others let me do their nails, but I'm always paranoid that they aren't going to like how it turns out.... Or what if it starts chipping really quickly? They'll blame me! Oh my goodness, so much pressure I put on myself.
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  1. Are you going to enter my Nail Art Contest? :) I wish I had your entry! :)

  2. I especially love the polka-dot one. :)

  3. They look cute! But I get really nervous when I'm doing other people's nails too! I'm always afraid I'm going to like smudge it really badly and just wreck it. It's quite nerve-wracking, lol.

  4. I really should try leopard spots some day. It looks really cute :)


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