Friday, July 29, 2011


The new Smurf movie opens in theaters today! I'm excited to see it, mainly because I'm a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris! I love the series How I Met Your Mother, oh and any SNL that he has hosted, etc. I'm not planning on seeing it tonight, but I do hope to catch it sometime while it's in theaters.

I previously did a Smurf nail art tutorial here. I did want to include them in my larger project, so this set is on falsies of course.

Smurfette & Papa Smurf

Brainy & Grouchy

Vanity & Azrael
Background polish is Hard Candy Lava.

If you see the Smurf movie let me know if it's awesome!
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  1. This is way better than the smurf post I did-I only used single colors and held my original smurf toys from 1983!

  2. aww these are way tooo cute, put mine to shame loll


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