Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ulta 3 - Pacific Fever

Cathy was nice enough to include this polish in with the Vegemite! I enjoyed the polish a little more than the Vegemite.... Lol. I initally thought the polish would be sheer from the way it looked in the bottle, but it was surprisingly opaque. It covered well with two coats.

It's a beautiful color, and I never would have gotten the chance to try it if it weren't for Cathy!

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  1. Another gorgeous teal, my weakness. :D

  2. Gotta love Ulta3 polishes - they are surprisingly beautiful :)

    Love the colour!

  3. I just had to include something I knew you would like in with the Vegemite. Ulta 3 is my favourite Aussie brand for doing nail art with, cause they have a big range of colours and it's cheap. Enjoy!

  4. This one also happens to be an exact dupe for the base colour to CG Atlantis, so not only one of my top ten colours but also great for glitter underwear!

  5. oooooh jelous. when you said she included an aussie polish i was like OMG IF IT IS PACIFIC FEVER IM GONNA BE SO JELLY
    i think i might have coming to me, too :)


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