Thursday, July 28, 2011


"What does Vegemite have to do with nail polish?" You might ask...

Have you ever tasted Vegemite?

Do you remember Cathy's Vegemite nails in my "Good Enough to Eat" contest?

It was then that this all began.
When I asked Cathy from Australia "what does Vegemite even taste like..." she said this:
"Well, it’s a very salty and savoury spread, intended to be spread very thinly.  It has a similar consistency to peanut butter but would taste similar to Marmite or Bonox?
It can be used as a flavour enhancer for stocks and gravies, so it has a flavour likened to concentrated dark mean like beef.
Sounds gross doesn’t it, but we grew up on it and love the stuff!!" 
After the nail art contest my mom was determined to order some Vegemite online and try it. Cathy was nice enough to offer to send me some! Isn't that sweet of her?! 
Well it came in last week and I made sure to record our taste testing session. The first picture is the small toothpaste size tube she sent us. Yeah, we didn't need a big jar of the stuff...

Please excuse our appearance in the video. Some of us were busy painting a bedroom so we were in our functional and not-so-cute clothes without a stich of makeup on...

Basically, none of us were big fans of it. It is terribly hard to describe the taste. Imagine putting a beef bullion cube in your mouth, but ten times saltier and it has a funky gel consistency... I am glad to have tried it, now I can say I know for myself what it tastes like. But I don't see myself eating it all the time, or ever again for that matter. Lol. My mom said she wanted to take it to work and make everyone else try it too. She's crazy!

Thanks again Cathy! You provided us with a funny afternoon activity, and a lifelong memory!
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  1. How cute are all you :D

    Well done for being brave and giving it a try. I love the stuff - it has like no calories ... mmmmmmm. Vegemite and melted cheese *drools everywhere*

    It's definitely an acquired taste though - but most Aussie kids have grown up on it and are used to the taste.

  2. lol I'm not surprised you're not much of a fan! by the looks of things there was a lot on the toast!! haha. try it a bit thinner and definitely with melted cheese on the top!! that is soo good! I'm more of a marmite fan over vegemite though. when I was little my mum use to make me and my sister vegemite and lettuce sandwiches and vegemite and potato chip sandwiches. :D

  3. Best on hot toast, smeared Very thinly after butter (thin enough so you can just see it) it is also the best treatment for mouth ulcers but burns like hell!

  4. haha! I love it! "Well.... its not terrible."

  5. hahahaha, oh my, you are brave. i would probably not be able to put it in my mouth.

  6. Hahaha, I've always wanted to try it. :D

  7. Well done for giving it a try. Thanks so much for recording the tasting event. I sat here giggling at your reactions the whole way through. I'm off to have Vegemite on toast for breaky - but it will be a bit thinner than you had it (and with butter) Yum yum.

  8. Such an awesome post. Your Mom is a real trooper.
    Yes, you guessed - another Aussie here. You sure were brave eating that toast with that amount of vegemite. That is the hardest thing to explain to our overseas friends - just how little you actually need on toast or bread. Even with the first squirt of the stuff I thought wow - that's a lot.

    Anyways do try the pastry smeared with vegemite then sprinkled with cheese, rolled up then sliced into rounds and baked. A savory favorite with many of us. For variety you can also add finely grated onion to this mixture. I could go on and on but bottom line - fantastic post.

  9. Wow. That's a lot of Vegemite. What a shock another Aussie commenting on how much you've put on. So brave of both of you.

  10. Yeah, that was A LOT of vegemite and it really needs butter. Although, even with less put on and butter it still tastes like vegemite sooo..

    hilarious vid!

  11. Oh no! You added WAY too much! You only need a very thin layer, see through actually, with lots of butter!

  12. When I went to live in Australia for a semester, my roommate made me Vegemite toast, he buttered it and scraped barely any vegemite on... It was all right but I haven't eaten it since... I did bring home a bunch of little vegemite packets (like the size of ketchup packets) that i gave to my friends lol.

  13. Haha funny video :) My sister brought home a jar of it when she came home from Australia. I don't think anyone's eaten it since everybody's smelled it :P

  14. way way to thick it spreads better with butter/margarine underneath trust me with less it tastes heaps better

  15. Ok, ok! I get it! We put way to much on it... Apparently spread thinly on toast is open to interpretation. Lol. I didn't know that we had to put butter on first. I called up mom and demanded a re-taste session. I'll try to remember to video that for y'all to laugh at. Glad y'all enjoyed it at least!

  16. THE best way to eat Vegemite (although like a couple of others before me, I'm a Marmite girl myself) is thinly spread on buttered toast with a thin layer of honey on top mmMmm ;) it gives it that salty/sweet taste. My mum used to make it for our breakfast when we were kids :D


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