Monday, August 29, 2011

How do you blog?

This is just something that's been on my mind lately and I'd like to ask you guys what your method is.

Personally, I change my nails on a daily basis. I like them to somewhat match/coordinate with my clothing. (Remember I'm a single woman with no kids, so I have all the free time in the world to do this.) When I've taken off my polish and am planning what to wear for the next day, I'll do some swatches of new polishes, or I'll experiment with crazier nail art. That's when I will try out different things that might be too bold for me to wear out to work. I have been known to sit there for several hours and paint up to five different crazy freehand designs as full manicures on only my left hand. Remove it, and do another. I don't think twice about it because it's not a waste time to me if I've gotten pictures of it to "save" my work.

So by the time I get around to sitting at the computer and uploading my pics, I've usually got several blog posts worth. I like to sit and type up those posts all at once and spread them out and schedule them to publish over the next few days. I prefer to get them out of the way so that I don't have to think about it each day. I don't have to worry about it because I know I have from now until tuesday already scheduled. Do you get what I mean?

Throughout the course of the day I check my blog very frequently on my iPhone. Mainly because I'm looking at my Blogroll to see what is new that you guys have posted. I think regular posting is part of what makes a blog good. If you don't post for 2 weeks and then all of the sudden sit down and write & post 7 or 8 posts all at once, it's like WAAAH. Absent and then overwhelming! Even if you just get that one chance to sit down and write posts, just schedule them out over the next few days. (A plus side to this is that it keeps you showing up on top when you're on someone else's blogroll. You'll likely get more traffic and be noticed more.) I guess that is a blogging pet peeve of mine.

I realize that I'm no good at replying to comments. :( I really tried in the beginning, but I can't hardly keep up. Now I focus on making myself respond to specific questions or things that can be addressed. I love the comments and you're encouraging words and positive reinforcement are what keep me blogging. Don't ever think that I don't respond because I don't care or don't read them! That's not true. If you ever have something specific you want/need a response to, please just email me. I promise to get back to you then.

So my question to you is, what is your blogging routine? Do you sit and do several posts at once? Or do you take pics and post immediately after the manicure is complete? Since I do a cluster at once, my real time manicure is usually a few days ahead of my blog post manicure. These nails now will be posted later in the week.

Do you have any blogging pet peeves? I could probably do an entire posts on that too! I can gripe and complain with the best of them. ;)
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  1. I share a blog so we usually alternate between days. I also alternate on how I do mine too -- sometimes I'll swatch a couple manis in one sitting and sometimes I'll just do my nails one night and take pictures to put up the next day. I do like having posts scheduled/queued so that I don't have to worry about getting something posted everyday if I leave my mani on for longer than just one day.

  2. I try to get a blog out every day, as you do. I tend to be a few ahead of myself and sometimes set them up to auto-post as you said also.

    Sometimes I miss a day here and there, but usually after I've explained a day or so before that I have a busy time coming up and hadn't been ahead in my blogging. In those times I try my best to get a guest post from someone to fill in, but I am not always able to on short notice.

    I agree that a blog should not be updated multiple times a day cause it is very overwhelming. Every so often it's OK if it's to announce something exciting but for the most part, posts should just be saved to do 1 per day.

    I also can't always reply to all comments, but I try to if someone asks me a question. :)

  3. I usually (since Im at school in the morning) wake up and put up a post and schedule it to any time I want except on the weekends when I dont have school! I try to do 1-2 posts a day (mostly 2) and sometimes 3, but that just depends on how much time people can get online. I do have lots of pictures already to be posted just like you do. I also respond to the comments I get but I dont have as much followers as you though. (I only have 54 followers)I usually do my nails like 3 times on the weekends since I dont have time to do nails since im at school but sometimes if I have free time I will do my manis on the weekdays. :DD Wooh that was a lot I typed lol ;P

  4. I try to set up my posts in advance. RIght now I am doing 3 posts a day, 6-7 hours apart. I had all of August scheduled at the end of July... Now for September I haven't even gotten started yet. I swatch lots of colors at a time, this way I can wear my manicures as long as I like. I ususally change daily, but sometimes you fall in love with something and refure to take it off.
    When I started I remember being stressed out that I had not changed my nails, and had to figure out what to post, this "scheduling" prevents that stress.
    I collage my pictures so they only show up in one file, so it loads quicker, but that only takes a couple of seconds.
    As for answering all comments, I haven't been able to keep up with them. I do read them all and appreciatte them, as you can only imagine. I try to answer all eventually even if I need to email the ladies themselves.
    Blogging has kept me entertained for 20 months already... I am not bored yet!

  5. Sometimes I write a bunch a head of time, and others I do each morning. It just depends on my nails and how long I've kept a mani on for!

  6. I tend to have a few days set up on schedule. It just makes life easier for me, I find

  7. I kind of post as I do my mani's, mainly because I do two sets a week, one on Thurs/Fri to use at work (color restrictions), and one on Mon/Tue for my days off. But I usually post Friday's on Monday, or so, though sometimes I am able to do a post the day I do a mani. I've once posted a haul, and hope to add a bit of variety more regularly. Overall, I do 1-2 posts a week, but it keeps it fun for me, so that I don't get lazy, but don't overburden myself as well. I would like to have posts saved up, but mine are more applicable as they go, I think. Still, I guess my 'extra' posts could be done in advance, as soon as I figure something to do, heh heh. Thanks for making this something to think about!

  8. You sound a lot like me, except I do have a husband and a 6 year old son who are prisoners in my nail polish world hahaha.

    I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom, so now that my son is back in school (1st grade) I will have a ton more time to blog on a more regular schedule. I like to post everyday and feel bad when I don't. Sometimes I do post more than once a day, but usually when I have a lot of products I want to talk about in a short amount of time (like when I'm showcasing a certain brand and do a separate post for each item).

    Like you, I will do several full mani's on just my left hand and take photos of them - even the bad ones - and sometimes I use them in a blog post and other times I don't.

    But I'm not just a nail blogger, so I will have swatch-a-thon days where I swatch for hours. Other times I swatch products as I buy them.

    I don't like to write up my blog posts too far ahead of time, but I do like to have things planned out. I'll usually do a quick edit/re-write just before publishing a post if I thought of something new to add or whatever.

  9. I do that with the posts too! I'm actually like... five days ahead now. I like writing them all at once and getting them out of the way, it feels relieving!

  10. I, unfortunately, am guilty of going MIA however it was mostly due to a burnout. I was spending so much time trying to stick to a post a day schedule that I had no time for anything besides working, eating, polishing/posting and sleeping. I have a husband and full time job - life was taking the back burner. Now that I'm back I'm trying to get a stockpile of photo's so I can get some posts ready so that doesn't happen again. Thanks for bringing up a topic I often consider myself.

  11. As of right now, I try and type up a few at a time, and space out posting. I usually tend to do more work when there's something in real life I don't want to do, hahaha. Since my blog is a makeup/polish blog I have a wider range of different things to post. I do, do nail polish posts but what I try to do with my blog is post in different categories each time I post. Like one time it's eyeshadow, the next eyeliner, then nail polish. I'm fairly new at this so hopefully I can keep up with typing up a few in one sitting so I can spread it out. When I do eyeshadow reviews on my blog I do a different look on each eye. With nail polish I do two different colors on separate hands. I do most of the pictures at night though.

    I didn't know you could schedule posting, how can you do that?

  12. I generally blog every morning - it's therapeutic! I try to swatch ahead but it doesn't often happen out that way :(

  13. I usually take pictures of my mani's straight away, cause I tend to change them a lot and if i'm not busy with uni, I will post it up straight away, otherwise I might post it a couple days later at once (if i have more pictures/mani's done within that time), but i try to make a post at least every 3 days. I'd love to show something new everyday, but sadly, don't have all the time in the world!

  14. Well I try to post everyday, except the saturdays or the free days, that I preffer to spend my time with friends having a nice time out of my house. I try to give an answer to every comment and question, and read all the blogs that I suscribe everyday. It's an hour of my life reading, and actually I preffer read books that read some magacines about make up and fashion, because I think the bloggers are true with their opinions, they buy this things and give a consumer opinion, and the magacines try to sell you anything. I love your blog. Regards

  15. Wow such long responses! Thanks for sharing everyone!

    @beauty on college budget- scheduling posts is easy. At the bottom of the post you are writing, there is "post options" click there and it has automatic (meaning it'll go live as soon as you hit publish) or the option of scheduled at: (date and time). That's how it shows up in blogger. It might be a little different if you're using another domain. Try it and let me know if you have any trouble!

  16. I try to post on schedule, so I try to write a new post before the day I'm gonna post it, but I also have some back-up posts in case I don't have time to write.
    The bad thing is that the scheduling posts gadget don't work in my blog. :S

  17. I love blogging, but I can't keep up nor do I want to paint my nails every day. I like to look at what I've done for more than 24 hrs! I paint mine on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. I take pictures that day-but spread them out to post every other day. I agree, consistency is way better than being absent and then spamming us with multiple posts in one sitting! If you are a follower to many blogs-you should use the google reader feature on your dashboard on your blog-makes going thru a lot of new in a short time!

  18. i rarely ever schedule in advance! i find it nice to have the routine of making a post when i get up and get on the computer in the mornings.
    i don't change my polish every day - i do multiple swatches at once before deciding on my final mani and then i use those swatches to fill my posts until i change my mani again and create more content!
    i've been known to swatch for hours... haha
    i need to start dedicating more time to nail art!

  19. Whenever I have time to paint my nails, I do. Which means I paint them multiple times a day sometimes. So I keep a backlog of nail art and create posts chronologically. I always post once a day - usually in the morning... But I'm thinking of changing that regime to posting at around dinner time. That way there's always something new on my blog!

  20. I'm not a swatcher and I like to post my manis as soon as possible after doing it, but if I have other stuff to show, like a swap, I try to wait at least one day before posting again.. So sometimes I have a small backlog, but I only schedule posts if I'm away from my computer.. I like posting with my current thoughts about my mani and not something I wrote 5 days ago :p

    Sometimes I don't have anything post-worthy for a week, and that's just how it has to be then.. I remind myself that I blog for fun so I won't beat myself up for not posting..

    And after I met my bf I'm not changing my mani every day, so that just has to mean less posting :p

  21. What a good post! Interesting to know how other bloggers do it. I personally don;t change my polish every day, so when I have days were I'm not posting, I have nothng to post! I generally change polishes once or twice a week, three if something went horribly wrong! But I almost always do a mani refresh so I have something to post on my blog.

    I like to prepare posts over the weekend if I have enough ready to go and re-read them during the week before I post them, like you it's nice to get it out of the way sometimes. When I wait too long to write about a polish I sometimes forget key things I wanted to include in the post!

  22. I have a darling 9 month old daughter so I don't have often don't have the time or energy to paint my nails consistently enough to be able to post on a schedule

  23. I'm new to blogging, and I haven't really set-up a routine yet. I change my manicure 2-3 a week and usually post the morning after I do it. I've learned to limit it to 1 post a day though. Recently, I did a bunch of stuff (some swatching, some hauling) so I did have some backlog of posts.

    One of my pet peeves is the bloggers who participate in challenges like 31 day or something like that and consistently post for 31 days straight, and then disappear for 1 week after the challenge is done.


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