Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barielle - Swizzle Stix

First up: 900 followers!?!?! Awesome! I didn't think I'd get to this point with a blog. It makes me really happy to know there are others that enjoy my work and the positive feedback is wonderful. I'd like to do another contest or giveaway once I hit 1,000 followers. I just don't have any ideas yet. Help me out, what would you like to see as a contest theme? Or what would make a great giveaway prize? Comment below.

3 thin coats of Swizzle Stix. This was my mani the other day. Simple dusty, light blue, almost jelly finish. I really like it.

I'm trying to also experiment with new ways to photograph this almond shape. The only time I dislike them this way is when I'm taking my pics with them lined up straight together, so this softer hand position works better for me when they are this shape. I'm liking them in my day to day life. They feel stronger because I've filed off the the weak corners. They are long enough to be helpful when opening things (yes, my nails are tools to me), but they don't feel "too long."

Nail-venturous had asked "was it hard to do?" (She's also from Louisiana! Hey!)
Was it hard to get them all even and to the same approximate shape? Just a little. It took some time to shape them, more time that it takes me to just file them squared. Then I filed them a little more the next time I changed my color, because there were a few spots that I felt needed more attention. Was it hard to hack away at my nails and potentially mangle them until they could grow back? Not really. I was at the point where I was ready to chop them to nubbins, they were long enough that it was irritating me and getting in my way. So even if it had been a major fail, I would have been fine to take them down the rest of the way.
I hope that answer your question!

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  1. Oh that's the best shape ever, so pretty. Love the colour as well. Oval for the win!

  2. Lovely color..and your nails look great oval!

  3. Congrats on 900! I don't know what you should try for 1000 followers in terms of a themed contest. Maybe something to do with numbers? Or Louisiana? Drawing a blank here... And for a prize, maybe include your favorite style of nail art brush.

  4. Hehe, I like that shape very much! And congratulations with 900 followers!!!! I can't wait to your next contest;D I'd love to see everyone's Christmas or New Years nails~<3xxx

  5. Pretty pretty color! And agreed your nails look great oval!!

  6. I love this shape on your nails...it's my preferred shape. I am really tired of seeing squared nails - they look so fake. Congrats on the 900 followers! This is such a great Barielle shade that is no longer available. I want them to release this and June Bug again. As far as contest ideas???? I would say maybe a combo of some of the fall shades. You could toss in a glass nail file to convince folks this is the best way to file nails. Everyone should be using a nail oil, so that's always a helpful thing to toss into a giveaway. Contest? I so love plain nail color period that I am not into a lot of creative things that I would do and I know a lot of folks just like me - I adore looking at a great mani shade. I will use a Stripe Rite liner for the very tips of my toes sometimes. I just don't like too much bling/bang/boom. I want to enjoy my color as I said.

  7. Congrats on 900! I love my square nails but I am digging your nail shape too! I am scared to try something new! I wouldn't even know how to begin shaping my nails like this haha!

  8. Hello, I was looking at your Blog and was blown away .. His designs are all perfect .. One day I want to be like you .. :)
    I have a blog that I have done, and I would love you to give your opinion about it .. *-*


    Someday I'll try to play their one nail art, you allow?
    Sorry if any mistake in writing, does not speak English and used an internet translator to talk to you ..
    So even more ..
    Kisses ..

  9. Very shiny, it's like vinil. Regards


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