Friday, September 30, 2011

Green is the new dupe.

The reason OPI - Jade is the New Black was no longer on my wishlist, is because I received Essence In the Jungle which is a supposed dupe. Well I can now tell you that with a side by side comparison.... I can't tell the difference. When applying the polish, the OPI formula is superior and easier to work with, but once the polish is dried... I can't tell the difference.

This first picture is just OPI Jade is the New Black

This picture is alternating the two polishes as I have labeled.
OPI Jade is the New Black = JISTB   (haha just realized I left out the "N")
Essence In The Jungle = ITJ

Essence In The Jungle is from the Show Your Feet line of polishes.
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  1. Revlon Top Speed's Emerald is also a supposed dupe for Jade is the New Black! Didn't know the Essence's In The Jungle was a supposed dupe too!
    EIther way, it's still a gorgeous green :D

  2. Oh noes! Well, at least now you have a backup, lol!

  3. If you didn't labeled the different polishes I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's a really good dupe. I would even say that Essence is a little bit more pigmented and shiny

  4. oh wow thats crazy! so many dupes, i guess because its such a perfect green nail color

  5. Nice shade! I love when cheaper brands have like an exact dupe for something!

  6. The color is beautifuul and yes, you can't tell the difference :O

  7. I seriously cannot see the difference either!



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