Monday, September 19, 2011

School Spirit Pedicure

I'm trying to be more diligent in creating designs for my toes to then post here. As I mentioned before, my blog's stats reveal that a lot of my blog's traffic comes from google searches regarding toe nail art designs. And 2 out of my top 5 most popular posts are toe related! So I'm trying to put more out there.

I wanted to make a toe nail design to compare to my LSU nail art design.
My coworker was telling me about her most recent trip to the nail salon for a pedicure. She is a big LSU tigers fan as are most people in my area. She asked for some tiger stripes or some kind of design using purple and gold. She then showed me what the lady had done and I had to laugh! These nail technicians in my area have a sad interpretation of art! Her toes were a dark purple with a thick white french tip (why white? what the heck? and it was too thick of a line... looked terrible). Over the white french tip, the lady had done a few light pale yellow "stripes" coming in from the sides, and then next to that she had put more "stripes using a bronze/gold glitter polish. The colors looked terrible together! A pale yellow and a bronzy gold? Really? The mix of shimmer polish, creme finish white, and glitter gold.... disaster. My only response was "And let me guess.... you ended up tipping her too, because you felt obligated?" And she had! I just know that I can never set foot in another nail salon from around here, they are all a mess in serious need of overhaul. If I could make the same amount of money as I do being a nurse... I would go take the little course to get licensed and open my own shop.

So here is the what she would have been happy with!
I painted Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening for the yellow. Then I stamped the zebra/tiger stripes from BM 223 using a Nail Art Diva Stamping Polish in Violet Dreams (i think violent dreams every time I read it). It's difficult to stamp on my toes. My big toe is obviously too big for a single stamp, but my little toes are difficult to get to with the way my knuckles are. So I stamped what I could and simply filled in around the pattern with a striping brush. On the big toe I added the letters freehand with white acrylic paint. Tip: do the S first and center it, then add the other letters. Otherwise, you might run out of room.

You can easily adapt this to your school spirit colors. Take inspiration from their colors, the mascot, and perhaps even the letters themselves! Try it out!
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  1. Your toes are so cute. Mine are ugly. I never do pedicure pictures!

  2. This is really cute :D I've only done nail art on my toes once in the form of yin & yangs. And then my bf did newspaper art on them. Haha :) But in Sweden it's kind of boring since I have to wear socks like 7-8 months a year...


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