Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogger Challenge - Day 2 - Sneakers

Nine of us bloggers from all over the world have agreed to this challenge initiated by Caroline @ GoodLackNail. It was her idea for us all to post for one week straight using the same pink polish (of our choice from our own stash) in a different way each day. Layer it, stamp it, freehand over it, but you must use the same pink in each manicure. I thought it would be a great to participate and see so many ideas for pink manicures that coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month! At the end of the week our looks will be judged by Vampy Varnish to determine which was each of our best!

Who is participating?
1.Deniz from Emerald Sparkled is using Flor Mar #29 (Istanbul, Turkey)
2.Caroline from Good Lack Nail is using OPI Do you think I'm Tex-y? (Vienna, Austria)
3.ME! Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction is using China Glaze Laced Up (Louisiana USA)
4.Inge from Polish Sis is using Hema nr 84 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
5.Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails is using Color Club Peppermint Twist (Newfoundland, Canada)
6.Ulmiel from Did Someone Say Nail Polish? is using Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
7.Gejba from Parokeets is using Essence Love This City ( Ljubljana, Slovenia)
8.Sidrah from Beauteous Blog (Country: Karachi, Pakistan)
9.Sarah from facfacebook.com/LuckyLacquers is using W7 Shocking Pink (Phoenix, AZ USA

This is the look I came up with for Day 2. How fitting to do sneakers with a polish from the "Custom Kicks" Collection that's named "Laced Up!" I know it's very pun-ny but that's the whole point! Lol
I've seen several designs like this floating around. I'm in no way claiming this is my original design, but I didn't copy any one person's specific manicure.

It is really easy to do! Paint enitre nail pink and add a white french tip. Add a tiny black striper polish line where they meet.

Draw two tiny lines going up the nail like so:

Add dots evenly spaced on the outside of the lines. I was able to have 3 rows of dots on my thumb, but could only fit 2 rows on my other nails.

Start lacing your shoe with some a white nail art striper.

 Add a topcoat and you're done!

Keep coming back for more on this Blogger Challenge!
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  1. These tiny sneakers are too cute :)

  2. Oh so cute. I love the puns. And the nails. :)

  3. I just love these! Your mani is Awesome! Go Pink!

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the tutorial - I wanna try these too. :)

  5. oh it's really cute and original:) may I have a quaestion? how it's done that u have lines so thin? do u use any special brushes? if so, where is possible to buy them?

  6. That's a great idea, and executed really well! I love the little white toes...

  7. super cute, thanks for the tutorial!

  8. So cute! I love this blogger challenge!!

  9. So cute! This looks pretty easy I think I might give it a try! =]

  10. Oh these sneakers a super cute <3

  11. Hehe, this is awesome and cute! Love your work. :)

  12. Super cute! Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  13. @ Suzie - you can refer to this post where I discussed my paintbrushes. http://polishartaddiction.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-do-i-do-it.html
    I have bought mine from various places, like the craft store, e-bay, and even bornprettystore.com has a set.

  14. Leslie: thanx:) I think I have to order some stuff on ebay... it's hard to buy anything interesting in our repuplic...

  15. Ola gostaria muito de fazer uma troca com vc...
    email é... juscilenecosta@hotmail.com
    Por favor...


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