Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blogger Challenge - Day 6 - Kirby

 For today I thought it would be perfect to use my pink as a tribute to Kirby! That cute little fat pink guy in the video games.
I used 2 coats of China Glaze Fairy Dust layered over my base of Laced Up. A mix of polishes and acrylic paints were used for Kirby himself and the thumb detail.
That nail is the star rod that was featured in so much of the game.
 It was tough to do the details tiny enough to fit all of him on the nail.
This challenge has been so much fun. I've really enjoyed it!

Who is participating in the Blogger Challenge?
1. Caroline from Good Lack Nail is using OPI Do you think I'm Tex-y? (Vienna, Austria)
2.ME! Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction is using China Glaze Laced Up (Louisiana USA)
3.Inge from Polish Sis is using Hema nr 84 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
4.Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails is using Color Club Peppermint Twist (Newfoundland, Canada)
5.Ulmiel from Did Someone Say Nail Polish? is using Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
6.Gejba from Parokeets is using Essence Love This City ( Ljubljana, Slovenia)
7.Sidrah from Beauteous Blog (Country: Karachi, Pakistan)
8.Sarah from is using W7 Shocking Pink (Phoenix, AZ USA
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  1. oww:D i think i'm gonna try it tooooo:!X i love it:X

  2. Oh my god. ITS SO CUTE. *-* It'd be even cuter if he was holding balloons too.
    Just... awwwwwwww. ;3

  3. The pink and yellow look really good together! Nice.

  4. Oh this is awesome. You did Kirby proud!

  5. I used to play Kirby golf on super Nintendo I totally heart this!

  6. Ah! This is the best! I love Kirby! I used to play the heck out of that on the original Game Boy way back when, lol!

  7. Hahaha this is super cute! I love Kirby!

  8. Adorable! I'm really impressed by how clean and well-defined your lines are. I can't imagine painting so accurately on such a small scale.

  9. Wow that's super cute :) I love it <3

  10. OMgoSH I am OBSESSED!! you've got amazing talent!!

  11. This is so cute!! *_*

  12. I LOVE Kirby! What a fun mani, awesome work!!


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