Sunday, November 27, 2011

Basic Nail Care & Tools

I was recently contacted by Elizabeth a follower with questions about my basic nail care and tools. This is a long overdue idea for a post, so here we go!

How often do you buy polish? Do you usually get it in bulk?
I don't buy polish that often. I buy things from new collections when I'm fairly confident that it's unique and not like something I already have. Also, I'll only buy it if I see myself using it. I refuse to buy the entire collection, just to swatch it on the blog. I feel like that would be irresponsible with my money. I drift through the polish isles any time that I'm in the store, but I don't buy unless it's a great deal or something I need. Thankfully I have pretty good self control. I usually just buy a few here and there. If I ever do buy in bulk because I like a lot of a certain collection.... I use a website like for example.

How do your nails keep so healthy? Don't they dry up after you wipe it off?

Thankfully I'm blessed with good nails to work with. I don't have to do too much to keep them healthy. I have oily skin/hair/nails naturally, so they don't dry out. I always use a nail strengthener/fortifier as my base coat. I've found OPI Nail Envy works well for me, as well as Orly Nail Defense. When I use other base coats I find that my nails peel and split. :( With those two base coats I've noticed that my nails grow longer and stronger, faster and without any visible damage from my frequent polish changes.
This is my old and a new back up bottle I just bought of Nail Defense. Don't ask me why they're different colors..... I don't know! I stuck with this for my back up bottle because it's slightly cheaper than OPI Nail Envy.

Do you think those base coats help to prevent the polish from chipping?
Base coats are really important I think. They make them in so many variations to fit any problem area! You can get ones that strengthen, ones that smooth out ridges, or ones that say they will help the polish stick or cling better and resist chipping. I do think that base coats help to minimize chipping, to a certain extent. I still can only get a manicure to last 2-3 days before I have chips and need to change it. That is regardless to what base coat I use.

You never show the actual tools that you use to do the detailed work in your pictures huh?

 I've done these posts concerning my tools:
I have not been taking great care of my brushes, so they were pretty deplorable. I recently bought some new ones at Sally's Beauty Supply. The skinny striper is almost too long and skinny. It's a little flimsy and that makes it hard to control.

If anyone has any other questions, just drop me an email!
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  1. Great post, with some really helpful answers. :)

  2. I've been looking for a good strengthener, maybe I'll try out the Orly or OPI! I also need new freehand brushes, I lost my old ones... hopefully I can manage for a while without them!

  3. My nails became yellow so I used to wear nail polish no more than 4 days in a week. I didn't find anything that helpsme against that. Regards

  4. Great post! Great tips!
    I'm trying new polishes now... I do my nails myself, since I was 14 or so, but I've always used Brazilian polishes and they always last 1 week. When I came to Europe I brought a lot of polishes with me because I didn't trust the European ones. Now I'm using a little bit of everything and they're actually not that bad. But I still stick to my Brazilian top coat... maybe I should try this one you use to see if it works for me as well.
    About an year ago I had a very bad problem with my nails, they started peeling off on the roots and making holes in the nails, which made them grow wavy and very weak. I thought it was some kind of fungus or even worse, but the dermatologist told me it was because of cleaning products. He's forbidden me to wash anything without gloves, and I have to admit that it helps a lot to maintain my manicure. It still lasts exactly 7 days.
    I had to stay 7 months (the time it takes for a nail to completely grow) without doing my nails, nothing at all, not even a little bit of base coat (that was a torture!). Yet after those months, they grew back to normal, and started getting strong again. I never cut them, always polish with a sandpaper file, and also change every week the type of base coat: to strengthen, to grow faster, to smooth out ridges, etc. Variation is very good because the nails don't get used to the product and they have a better result. Also painting too often with dark colors can make the nails become yellow, so it's always good to intercalate with light colors. I always do one week dark, one light!
    Now I'm throwing myself into this new nail art stuff, I've always found it to amazing, but never thought I would be able to do it. I really love your blog and I'm getting a lot of ideas from you! Thank you for sharing you experiences and love for nails! <3

  5. I'm new to your blog, well very new, like today new haha. You have great posts. Anyways, I was wondering if you have a post on how you shape your nails. Your shape is exactly how I want it. I am on my phone right now so it's a bit hard to search and find. Thanks in advance for or if you get back to me. (:

    1. I don't have a post about that yet, but it's a great idea. Maybe I can write one soon. :)

    2. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one who would appreciate it! I look forward to it whenever you get the time. Thanks!


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