Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pure Ice Review - Part 1

(I was sent these polishes for review)
I really enjoy Pure Ice polishes. They are very affordable and usually a great formula. I can find them locally at my Wal-mart for $1.99. I've read on some blogs that people have found them sold at their Walgreens, but that's not true in my area.

First up is Tease Me. This is a medium metallic green. 3 coats pictured. Easy to apply, formula is on the thin side, but it builds nicely. A few noticeable brushstrokes. But I'll tell you how to resolve that later!;)

This is Strapless. A clear base densely packed with blue glitter.
This is just 1 coat to show you how evenly it applies. The base is nice and thin so that it isn't like applying glue to your nails.

 These pictures are 3 coats.

 Compared to the other blue glitters I have. It is very close to Milani Blue Flash.

This is Celestial. Pictured is 2 coats. Bright blue metallic finish.
Easy to apply, formula is great, builds nicely. A few noticeable brushstrokes.

I love these colors and I appreciate Bari Cosmetics for sending them to me. Come back later for the other 3 polishes. :)
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  1. They're all so very pretty! Bari's Cosmetics is wonderful! They sent me some polishes too!


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