Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pure Ice Review - Part 2

(these polishes were provided for review)
Crackle - Show Stopper
This is my first experience with Pure Ice's crackle line. I could not find them locally. I have to say that this is my favorite crackle I've tried! It applies easily, doesn't dry too fast, and cracks with big defined cracks rather than stings and shatters. This is the look I prefer.
Show Stopper is a red crackle. It applies like a creme when applied over a creme polish. It appears to have a jelly finish when applied over a glitter polish.
This is one coat of Show Stopper over 3 coats of Pure Ice Platinum.

 This was my first test with one coat over a white creme and a yellow creme.

3 coats of Platinum.
Platinum is a metallic white that is a bit frosty. Thin formula, but builds easily for full coverage.

Last but not least is Oh Baby. This polish is entirely clear on it's own, so even a thousand coats wouldn't be opaque. It's got tiny glass fleck glitter that looks nice and wintery over white. But it comes alive when layered over black! It has a teal/purple duochrome effect when over black polish.

Click this picture to enlarge and you can clearly see the shift of blue, teal, and purple in the glitter!

So that's it for my Pure Ice review. Thanks again to Bari Cosmetics for providing these for me to consider.
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  1. I just thought you had made the Danish flag on your nails, because it's red and white. :D
    I like the look of this crackle. It's cool.

  2. I like the way the Pure Ice crackle, very nice :)

  3. My local Walgreens is saturated with pure ice crackles and I'm less than crazy about the look. There must be 10 colors or so.

  4. Oh baby looks gorgeous over black!

  5. Love these polishes! I have Oh baby myself and it is gorgeous over pink!

  6. That's a really nice crackle! Love the last one, too. The only place for me to get PI is at Walmart, and the one near me is rather... bleh. So I rarely venture in there! But when I do, I'll have to make a gigantic haul!

  7. The red and silver white reminds me of candy canes!


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