Thursday, November 3, 2011

Teenage Dream Additions

This is a combo I wore sometime last week. 2 coats of OPI Teenage Dream with Konad Special White polish and the image from Bundle Monster BM213. I don't know what exactly it's supposed to be. Floral? Pinwheels? Starbursts? I don't know, but it's cute. So that's what I did. :)

Some pics of Teenage Dream by itself.

If you're interested in seeing which of our designs for Pink Week was chosen as best by Vampy Varnish..... check out this post on Good Lack Nail. She posted our "Best-Of"s! Vampy Varnish picked my Candy Hearts design as my best of. It was my favorite too!
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  1. Snowflakes was the first thing that sprung to mind here too. :) It's pretty.

  2. I would say snowflakes too! This so cute!

  3. These are stunning, so Christmassy! x


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