Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoya True Collection

I got 4 of the six shades. So if you were looking for Cho or Tru, sorry but those are the 2 I didn't get.
Here we go!

This is 2 coats. It's the typical Zoya perfection that is an opaque cream finish. I wanted this because it resembled OPI Skull and Glossbones (fyi they are not exact dupes). I missed out on getting S&G and I kept seeing it pop up on bloggers favorites from 2011 lists. So this satisfies that need.

This was also a perfect 2 coats. It's beautiful! A dusty green turquoise color. It did make my skin look more red though. :(

This one was a bit tricky. It took 3 coats because I found it more difficult to get an even coat. Still a beautiful color. Dusty purple with pink shimmer. :)

I was most excited about this one, but it was a bit tricky like Lotus. It required 3 coats and took some persuasion to apply evenly. Beautiful color!

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  1. Thanks Lesie.
    It looks like Skylar might be pretty similar to OPI's I Have Herring Problem and I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! from the Dutch Collection....

  2. Lovely swatches! I cannot WAIT for mine to arrive. I've been waiting about three weeks and seeing all your swatches is making me way too excited!

  3. Lotus and Skylar are beautiful! I need them in my life;)

  4. I actually do not have any Zoya's yet...but your post has me thinking a mini shopping spree is in order!

  5. I really like Skylar, Bevin, and Lotus. It sucks to hear that 2 of them are a bit tricky to apply though. SO GORGEOUS.

  6. My favourite is Bevin one. It's a great colour. Regards

  7. These are pretty! I really like the Fahar!

  8. Bevin and Skylar are the ones I most want from this collection. I'm thinking about Tru but I'm on the fence still. Lotus is beautiful but I already have Neeka, and I feel like they're too similar!

  9. Bevin and Skylar the two I want the most. It looks like there are dupes for them in the OPI Holland collection, but I'll be going with Zoya like I like their formula and brush better.


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