Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zoya - Neeka

This is the other polish from the Zoya Smoke and Mirrors collection that "my mom" recently got with a Zoya promo. ;)
Neeka is a beautiful dusty purple with gold shimmer.

 This swatch is also 2 easy coats.

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  1. This polish is so beautiful! And it really suits you!

  2. This is one of my all time favourite polishes ever! :)

  3. Neeka is so pretty! I have her too, I think I like Yara better but the gold flecks are so awesome.

  4. So pretty! This is one of my favorite Zoyas

  5. I really love a # of shades from Zoya's Mirrors collection of last fall which this is from. Because I am big right now on dusty blues - Marina is a fav of mine in that collection. I like Neeka a lot as well. Those are probably my 2 fav shades from Mirrors which I bought the entire set of - but did not buy the entire set of Smoke - knew I would not wear Cody - it would be a brown that just turned black on me unless I was in really good light - Cynthia - same thing in that Smoke collection - I have other blues that go black. Neeka is a fun one to put Nubar 2010 on - or Sally Hanson Hidden Tresures - or now sort of the same thing with Essie Shine of the Time. I do have to say I really love Essie's Pearl from their Luxeffects - it's really sheer and does not turn your nails a nasty pearl...and that one looks amazing as well over Neeka.


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