Wednesday, March 21, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 15 - Delicate

This was a tough one, but once someone suggested it, I knew I had to do it! What could be more delicate than Humpty Dumpty? He was very fragile! Lol
Humpty Dumpty Nail Art
I chose to do Humpty sitting on the brick wall, with an accent thumb nail of a splattered egg.

I wish his clothes had come out a little better, but I was struggling with just how tiny everything was.

Here's how you can re-create them. I started with a base of Zoya Kristen. 2 coats.

Then I taped off the french tips and painted them with Essie Very Structured. 

Outline some brick shapes with Zoya Farah and a tiny nail art brush.

Here I changed my mind on the thumb and removed what I had done and added Zoya Yara instead. (I wanted grass underneath where he splattered. :) White acrylic paint for his body.

More acrylic paint.

Add a thick layer of topcoat like Seche Vite!

Next up is Tribal! That was a tough one too!
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  1. Oh, so nice, poor little guy, I can understand why he looks scares and sad... :)

  2. This is great! Really reminds me of the drawings in my children's book of HD! You made me laugh and I am still smiling!

  3. I wish one day I could do this...hahaha really nice dear!! I love the egg *-*

  4. love this! the bricks in a french manicure and so clever and i love the egg splat. i was just reading something that said that nowhere in the humpy dumpty story is it ever mentioned that he is an egg! how weird is that? i never realized, and he is always portrayed as an egg (also the work "ewok" is never said in a star wars movie). this just reminded me of the article. great work, i love it!

    1. I never realized that, but it's true! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the thumbnail!! that's awesome!!

  6. Oh my! This is so clever! I love it!

  7. Ha! I love this! After seeing Puss in Boots I don't feel that bad for him splatting.

  8. Awh! He looks so scared! Love these though.

  9. Love the design! The illustrations are so adorable!

  10. love it!! great and funny idea

  11. Aww he's so precious! Really clever way to incorporate delicate, lol.

  12. I love this! So cute. Made me laugh. :)

  13. I heart this and will be linking it on my blog shortly. Just too funny!

  14. Hahahah this one is so funny! I love your idea to do the wall as the french tips, so clever!


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