Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lavender Bubblegum

I wanted a bright fun glittery look to go along with the gorgeous spring weather. Here is Revlon Bubblegum (yes it's scented) with Milani Jewel FX Lavender on top.

This is 3 coats of Revlon Bubblegum (it's a little thin) and 1 coat of Milani Jewel FX Lavender.
The scent of the Revlon was really strong to start with and made me a little nauseous as I was trying to fall asleep. Lol. But it had faded to nothing by the next evening.

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  1. I love this.......I don't know what it is about pink polish and black or silver tinted glitter that is so pretty! You can really never go wrong with a mani like that! I've never tried the scented polishes

  2. It reminds me a rockstar haha is a very nice mani!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! Does it smell good? Bubblegum sounds delicious.

  4. This is really pretty :) I think I need more scented polishes, although none that make me nauseated lol.

  5. Looks really great on you. This is your shade of pink - er one of them I should say!

  6. cute very girly

  7. how do you get the jewel fx off your natural nails? i wear acrylics so filing them off isnt a big deal. does it mess up your natural nail?

    1. Google the glitter foil removal method. That's how.


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