Saturday, April 14, 2012

Born Pretty Store Review - Stamper & Image Plates

The lovely ladies over at the Born Pretty Store offered some products for me to review here. They also offered this 10% off coupon code for any of my followers.
They sent me their Stamper/Scraper pack. It can be found here for $2.03.
 Their plate M71, which is often referred to as the Hello Kitty plate.  
Here for $3.88 as a combo deal with a stamper/scraper.
 Their M66 plate which has 2 XL images which I have yet to fully understand how to use....
Here for $2.32
 They offer many image plates that are exact dupes of Konad images, but for a fraction of the price. They also always offer Free Shipping, no minimum purchase required. So if you are looking to expand your image plate collection for a fraction of the price, go there!

My Konad stamper is on the left, their stamper is on the right. You can see the diameter is almost exactly the same. Born Pretty stamper is just a tad smaller.

It's also a good bit shorter, but I didn't find that it made it difficult to use at all. 
The squishy silicone material that picks up the image, is a good bit firmer than my Konad stamper. That made it difficult to get a good image transfer. The stiffness of it required a lot more pressure than I normally need.

Their scraper is the typical metal piece embedded in plastic. To be honest, I HATE this type of scraper. They are impossible to clean up, and the metal digs into the image plate and leaves damage. :( I tried this one out, and it does the exact same thing, so I immediately switched to my favorite method... An old plastic credit card/gift card.

Here I used their m71 image plate and the Hello Kitty image. I just randomly stamped it multiple times across my nails. My base polish is E.L.F. Neon Pink and I stamped with Konad Black Special Polish. 
 I modeled these after this design done by RebeccaLikesNails.

Then I used China Glaze For Audrey and their m66 plate and the Cherry Blossom image. I stamped with Konad Special White Polish. I guess the benefit of having an XL image is that you can pick up different portions of the image for each nail, to change it up a bit. Or if you have extra long nails, then the image will cover the whole nail. But how do you pick up the whole XL image? My stamper isn't big enough to fit the whole thing.... I guess they make XL stampers somewhere?
Thank you to Born Pretty for providing these elements for review.
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  1. The Hello Kitty is very cute! :) Nice review!

  2. The Cherry Blossom is gorgeous. Is there any time limit for the discount code?

  3. I really love the hello kitty stamp.

  4. I would like to know if there is such a thing as an extra large stamp as well!

  5. Thanks so much for the info and the discount code!!! I have a stamper I like, but I really want some more plates. I never bought the Bundle Monster pack - so I have only 1 plate that came with my stamper. I adore the Hello Kitty stamps done just random - and the florescent pink polish you used is to die for in my book!!! I don't have one quite like it - close, but I might have to go looking on line for Elf. I think it's a drugstore brand if I am right??

  6. Thanks for the review! I was just wondering when the discount code was valid till and where to actually enter it to receive the 10% off. Thanks.

  7. I have the same cherry blossom one from them too...I haven't figured out how i want to use it...I am thinking of attempting to do it bit by bit across all my nails and see how that looks...but haven't gotten to it yet.

  8. Has anyone ever ordered from Born Pretty before? I placed an order on 4/2/12 (Said 3-5 business days) and have yet to receive anything. When I contacted BP, they said it would be 3-5 weeks...its coming from Singapore! I'm just curious if anyone had to wait that long to receive their product?

  9. Both of these designs are lovely! I like the blue and white one a LOT!

  10. The Image plate is not an original and a bad fake. The proportions are not correct. Regards


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