Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cult Nails - Manipulative

I picked this up during the $5 sale because I'm a sucker for this shade. And it looked so fantastic with an added shimmer so I was very excited! When it came in however, I was disappointed. The shimmer doesn't show up at all to the naked eye once on the nail. And let's face it. It's pretty much an exact dupe of China Glaze For Audrey.... :(
This is 2 coats
 Can you see any shimmer?
 I didn't think so. :(

Here it is on a swatch-sicle to compare.
Left is CN Manipulative
Middle is ChG For Audrey
Right is WnW I Need A Refreshment
I can barely distinguish a difference.

I still wanted to wear it, so I added one coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker for the shimmer I was looking for!
I felt Manipulated all right..... :( Duped again.
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  1. Oh no! That's the worst feeling ever, especially for a higher end line like Cult Nails. At least it was $5!

    Methinks I should have gotten Heartbreaker when I had the chance, very pretty!

  2. Ah, I hate when that happens. It's the main reason I tend to avoid buying regular colors... because I almost always have something similar. Now that I have so many flakies and topcoats, I'm trying to even be picky about polishes with special effects, too!

    I don't have Manipulated, but I do have CG For Audrey and Pure Ice Heartbreaker... I love the combo, I need to try it out!

  3. It's still a very pretty color! Just hink you won't hve to worry about running out of this color!! It's gorgeous when you added the shimmer! :)

  4. I have all 3 of those and the only diff with Manipulative is it is a tiny bit duskier and there is shimmer you can see if you care to examine with a magnifying glass. One of the reasons I got the Cult version is I loved the WNW color but not the gloppy formula, and having heard great things about Cult, I jumped on the $5 sale. boy was I manipulated. Formula was a mess to apply. thick and gooey almost as bad as the WNw. also, the brush came apart(separated from its black cap) when I opened it. SO not impressed. I haven't tried the others I got Power Thief (looks a bit like RBL Decorous) and Mind Control (purple glitter in a black jelly base). I am hoping for better results with those 2 but I doubt I will become part of the Cult.

  5. Oh that sucks! This was on my wishlist but I'll probably put off buying it now since I know how similar it is to For Audrey...
    Thanks for the comparisons :)

  6. I had heard about the shimmer issue with this Cult shade not showing up on the nail. You did just what I do ever time I hit this problem - pull out my stash of micro glitters or some of my other toppers like Essie Luxeffects or CND effects and voila!

    1. Wow - so many have tried to find the dupe For Audrey - I don't think I have seen one this close before!

  7. They are very similar, there's no a huge difference between this colours. Maybe For Audrey is a bit darker, but not much. Regards


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