Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maurice's Magnetic Polishes

I love the store Maurice's. It just adorable. Everything is teal, cute, and women's fashion. Mostly they just sell clothes, shoes, & accessories. I've seen that they had nail polish for sale before, but it wasn't anything to write home about. This time they had magnetic polishes. 2 were actually interesting so they made it home with me. $6 per bottle. The bottles do not have any names listed, but they are for sale on the website with names.

"Gray Star" according to the website, actually looks a lot like OPI Not Like the Movies. It has a green/gray/purple duochrome!
What's really cool is that once the magnet is applied, the purple pulls away from the silver.

This is the only picture where I managed to capture the hint of green. You can see it along the edges, that's not just a reflection. ;)

Soooo sparkly.

"Green Star" according to the website.... It's more of a teal in my opinion.

The larger particles are so sparkly!

Each of the polishes comes with a star shaped magnet. The magnet portion pulls off the inner cap with the attached polish brush.
What do you think?
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  1. I love the pattern with this magnetic polish, it makes it look more unique :) xx

  2. I can't use that magnet, I always destroy the manicure. Kisses

  3. Awesome! I still have to try that out as well^^

  4. Wow this is really cool! I've never tried magnetic polishes but I just bought 2 from Claire's. Really nice mani. :)

  5. I have one of these polishes in purple but I can't seem to get the megnet to work right. Maybe I'm doing it wrong :(

  6. Ohhhhhh...These polishes look great! I've never heard of them before O.O but here in Italy we're almost out of the international polish world! Star magnets are always intriguing, and the fact that the final pattern strikes another colour is really gorgeous!!

  7. I have also purchased the purple color in this polish, and had no luck with it! I changed how I did it several times, and no design would form!


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