Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Giraffe

My freehand giraffe print tutorial is one of my most popular posts (you can find it on the right toolbar). I think it may be my favorite animal print. The base polish here is Zoya Dea. I stamped using Essie Good as Gold and Bundle Monster BM 313.
Jeez I should have wiped that bottle off. You could steal my fingerprints and commit a crime with that sample I've given you...  

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  1. i absolutely love giraffes :) love your nails :)

    kisses ;)

    Follow me, i am following you ;)

  2. Wow! I wish I could do nails like that!

  3. Really cool, I don't know where do you get this wonderful ideas! Kisses

  4. I love this idea. Its a must try!

  5. Absolutely easy on the eyes to have a great look on nails.I had read somewhere Zoe Nails doing sopme great stuffs.Interestingly, my tenure in Delhi, was also a great tryst with nail art in Delhi had such dsigns..Today I smiling at the super designs by you..Amazing..
    Do you have facebook page to like?

  6. Your work is insanely awesome. Awesome. I've just been scrolling and scrolling and scrolling ... and thank you for showing the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on the BM plate - I had no idea they had them. Awesome.


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