Sunday, July 22, 2012


Bundle Monster got on the awareness ribbon train! Hooray for easier awareness manicures! Here I went for Breast Cancer awareness. Barielle Expressive stamped with BM321 and Sally Hansen Presto Pink.

Were you "aware" of this image plate?
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  1. lovely - i know i'm going to use this stamp a lot xx

  2. onww so cute!

  3. Cool, a nice way to make the people think about the breast cancer and how to avoid it. Kisses

  4. Love it Ih ave the set and can't wait to use it too

  5. Liking this one a lot and the colors you used to show it off are perfect...the base has a good amt of lavender to it that really 'makes' this for me. I would like to see more awareness stamps - like single ones but in a variety of size options. I am all about sporting a # of awareness ribbons to get folks to ask and start even a short conversation as to what this is in support of. I lost mom to ovarian cancer and I am a now 3 times breast cancer survivor. People seem now to know the pink and red ribbons - most know yellow in support of US military - but a lot of the other colors like teal for ovarian cancer are not well known.


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