Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love & Beauty Confetti Crush

This is the Forever21 version of Icing After Party. It can be found here for $2.80. I don't own any of the other "shredded" type glitter polishes so I jumped to try this one out.

Pictured is two coats over Barielle Expressive.

What do you think? do you like shredded? Or are these type of glitters too messy looking to you?
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  1. Not too fond of shredded glitter, but I do like flakies!

  2. Lovely swatches♥
    I bought the 3 types of shredded nail polishes the F21 has available but I have not tried on my nails yet...

  3. i have never seen shredded glitter polishes in Austria. but i like it!

  4. This glitter could be could with a electric pink colour. Nice! Kisses

  5. Owh hey! This reminds me very much of Happy Ending from the Cult Nails Fairytale Collection which I purchased not too long ago!


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