Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zoya Giveaway Sponsored by Verve 360

Here's how you can get your hands on 2 polishes from Zoya's Beach & Surf collection! Tracie and Myrta!
(you can see swatches of Tracie and Myrta here and here on Scrangie's blog)
 Thanks to Verve 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh for providing the prize!
Just comment below for a chance to win!

  • Limited to the Continental US (Sorry international ladies! No Hawaii or Alaska either....)
  • Limit of one entry per person.
  • Contest will be open for 7 days, end time will be midnight 8/8/12.
  • There can only be one winner.
  • I will randomly select from the comments using a random number generator.
  • Once selected, the winner will be contacted by Verve360 and they will ship your prize to you.
To enter:
  • Leave a comment to this post including your name, email address, & why you like Zoya or would like to try Zoya.
Edited update!
-As of 8/13/12-
I finally got the chance to pick the winner and the random # generator picked 7, so Amanda Reyes, you win! I've turned your information over to the ladies at Verve 360. So they will be in contact with you concerning your prize. Thanks so much to everyone that entered!
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  1. Name: Stephanie
    Email: oblassa@gmail.com
    Reason: I only own 1 Zoya currently (Pippa) and I love it's application, I would love to own more!

  2. name: Danica
    email: beautyscraps6@gmail.com
    I love Zoya polishes! They offer such unique colors with a great, easy to apply formula!

  3. Name: Emily
    email: zimmy_b@hotmail.com
    The Zoyas I've tried have such good formulas, I love the selection of colors, and the names :)

  4. Dawn
    dawn at wackywhimsy dot com
    I love Zoya foils for sure, and would love to try my luck with these two particular polishes!

  5. Name: Alma
    E-Mail: sidexstepx@aim.com
    Reason: I've never tried Zoya before and their nail polishes sound absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately I never can buy them because I don't really have the funds right now. I never buy something if it's either full priced and/or if it's more than $5.

  6. Name: Dana Canfield
    Email: dana.a.canfield@gmail.com
    Reason: Pretty bottles, color, and formula...plus they are a little pricey so I don't buy them often ;)

  7. Name: Amanda Reyes
    Email: amandahxc508@yahoo.com
    Reason: I have never tried Zoya before. They don't sell any in stores around me nor can I really afford it. I've read great reviews on the blogs I follow and would love to try it one day.

  8. Name: Mandy Howerton
    Email: pandamayhem@gmail.com
    Reason: I love Zoya. I already have a few bottles. Wouldn't mind having more!

  9. Name: Magdalena
    E-mail: alonenevergoes@gmail.com
    Reason: Zoya is my favorite brand. I have not once been disappointed with any of their polishes!

  10. Name: Colleen Hunter
    E-mail: rightsidegb@yahoo.com
    Reason: I haven't tried Zoya before but the colors I've seen are beautiful! I am a military wife so I can't afford to buy all the colors that I'd love to try.

  11. Name: Esther
    email adress: esther.clayton.1@gmail.com
    Reason: I have heard so many great things about Zoya polishes but im not really able to go out and buy polish nowadays. Plus, i have never tried Zoya before and would love to!

  12. Name: Megan
    email: megspazzy@gmail.com
    reason: I have one Zoya that I was only able to afford on clearance, and I would love to own a few more!

  13. Name: Danielle
    email: dani.w.elle@gmail.com
    reason: becaues I haven't tried it before!

  14. name: Marta
    email: today_no_love@yahoo.com
    reason: I love Zoya! Their formula is always fantastic, plus they have some great colors!

  15. Name: Amanda
    Email: shimmering_madness(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Reason: I feel like Zoya continuously comes out with unique and exciting colors, time after time. I'm a fan of their formula and rarely have issues with it. Zoya is just plain awesome!

  16. Name: Melody J
    email: melodyj(at)gmail(dot)com
    Reason: I love Zoya colors but haven't tried them yet.

  17. Name: Jill
    Email: jillwyrk7(at)aol(dot)com
    Reason: I don't have any Zoya's yet and having heard so many great things; would love to give them a try.

  18. Name: Courtney
    email: ckyamsek@yahoo.com
    Reason: I love all of the few Zoya's I own and if I had the funds to buy more I totally would!

  19. Name: Vy P.
    email. vivi.phung@hotmail.com
    Reason: I haven't tried a Zoya yet and I've heard some fabulous reviews. Love the girly themes and names.

  20. Name: Kelli
    Email: dobrinkelli@gmail.com
    Reason: I love my Zoya collection - they are a great formula, easy to apply, and I love that they are actually 4free and also great for stamping. Of course, my first bottle was "Kelly" but they should make a "Kelli" ;)

  21. I love Zoya - I only have (3) of their polishes and would love to grow my collection. They are beautiful colors with gorgeous names (love that they are women's names), and both the spelling of the names and colors are very unique - there is a polish for everyone. Also love how environmentally conscious the brand is - they were one of the firsts to go big-3 free!

    Name: Florence McPartland
    E-mail: fmcpartland@gmail.com

  22. Name: Alexandria,
    E-mail: flyingsushi@centurytel.net

    I don't currently own any zoya polishes, but I've seen tons of shades I would love to have and try out on my own nails.

  23. Name: Alexandra S
    Email: akshannon813@gmail.com

    I have been wanting to try Zoya polishes for a while. Like most ladies on here, I find the colors to be very unique and beautiful, plus I love the girly names associated with each polish. These two polishes would be a great (and colorful) addition to my polish collection.

  24. Name: Jackelin
    Email: Jackelin095@yahoo.com
    I have been looking for Zoya polishes for awhile and I havent had any luck finding some. I would really like try it out because I heard so many great reviews.

  25. Name: Kimberly
    email: kimberly.o88@gmail.com
    I love Zoya polishes! I own two bottles and the application is a breeze. Zoya polishes have such unique names and colors!

  26. name- melissa
    email- burnttoasty10@aim.com
    i only have 2 zoyas so id like to grow my collection more and myrta is a gorgeous color

  27. Thank you for this opportunity - I would like to try Zoya as I don't have any in my collection yet, but they look like fabulous polishes.
    name - Kim
    email - kncreations@cox.net

  28. Carissa, dragon8504 @ hotmail.com
    I would love to try zoya because of all the beautiful swatches I've seen. I haven't had the opportunity to try this brand yet...

  29. Diana Stout
    I would love to try Zoya. I see it on lots of blogs... I just started nail stamping a few months ago, and just found the world of nail polish/blogs/etc. a couple weeks ago. This would be a wonderful way to get to try polishes that probably aren't in my current budget!
    Thanks for letting us all try for it!

  30. Nicole
    I haven't been able to try the zoya brand yet, but I've heard many great reviews on it. Thanks for holding this contest and hopefully giving me a chance to try it out!

  31. Grace
    I love Zoya because their colors and formula are fantastic! Plus their bottles are adorable :)

  32. Jasmine
    I have heard so many good things about Zoya and I have yet to own any. I think they would be a good start.

  33. Chawnda
    Zoya has great colors and formula!

  34. Stephanie H
    stefsh01 (@) yahoo dot com

    I like Zoya because they come out with some great colors and have awesome promos all the time! a HUGE plus for me is that they are Vegan friendly polishes.

  35. Name: Kelsea
    E-mail: kelsea@pinkwonderland.com

    I have been dying to try Zoya since I heard so many good things about it this year - especially since seeing it used frequently in Kaylah of The Dainty Squid's weekly nail posts!

  36. Name: Patricia K
    Email: the knetzers4@gmail.com

    I have one Zoya and I loved the application, the pigmentation, everything about it! Would love to try more shades!

  37. i dont own any zoya, but see so many people post about it ,so i would love to try it

    olivia rubin


  38. All my friends seem to love Zoya because of the cute little bottle shapes! I've had good luck with the formulas though, too. (TelmahQ at Gmail)

  39. I love Zoya polishes. They have such wonderful colors!

  40. Name: Deborah
    Email: wpbwest [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Zoya's colors are in-freaking-credible. There are certain types/finishes of polishes that I swear they create out of magic dust and liquid amazingness. I don't know what they put in there, but half the time, I don't even need to WEAR the polishes - I just want to turn the bottles over and over in my hands and stare at them in the light.

  41. Name: Ro Email: irohawk [at] gmail [dot] com

    I only have four Zoya's at this time - Chloe and Opal for their flakie goodness, Veruschka was my first matte polish, and a random sparkly red chosen because the sale was buy one red polish, get one of your choice free. I don't buy many Zoya's strictly due to their price. I have a discount source for China Glaze, so that's my primary $4-8 dollar polish brand. Mostly I stick to polishes that are under $4 (I get ChG's at $2.75-$3.50) because I have a very low discretionary spending budget. The few indie polishes I have I justify because I'm buying for my exchange group, and I just add one for myself at the same time which saves on shipping costs. ;)

    I haven't found any discount source for Zoya's, but I do love their application, and they have some beautiful colors. They're a great quality polish, but when I can get China Glaze for $3 and Sinful Colors for $2, I have a hard time justifying buying Zoya. :P (I'll still pick them up from time to time when they have a good sale that coincides with me having some $!)

  42. Name: Kate O'Connor
    Email: kateoconnor9@yahoo.com

    I am interested in trying Zoya nail polishs because I have heard great things about them and just have not had the opportunity to try them. And I love the colors that they are giving away!

  43. Name: Erin Hall Lewis
    email: mrsursolobo@gmail.com

    I've seen some amazing swatches of a variety of Zoyas. I hear nothing but good stuff about the formula, application and wear. The colors are amazing. But the REAL reason I'm interested is Ivanka. Swatched, played with, used in art, etc, she's done nothing but amaze me. She's my secret crush in nail color. I'd like to write her notes in English with boxes marked "yes" or "no".

    ...wistful sigh...

  44. Name: Yanira (Yanny on GFC)
    Email: yanira_siqueiros@sbcglobal.net

    I would really like to try Zoya. I've only read good things about this brand from quality to great application. The swatches I've seen are amazing. So many great shades :)Thanks for this giveaway!

  45. Name: Kat M
    Email: rise.gekokujou@gmail.com

    I'm new to trying nail art so my nail polish collection is quite limited to basic colors and brands that are already familiar to me. I would love to try out Zoya--I've looked at the swatches and I really like what I see.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Name: Maren
    Email: germantweety@gmail.com

    I love Zoya nail polish! No other polish lasts this long on my nails and the color choices are phenomenal! The coverage is great, and the drying drops really work!

  47. Name: Toni Berman
    Email: berman.toni@gmail.com

    I would LOVE to try Zoya because I can't buy it in stores around my small area! I have looked in every store and it is nowhere to be found! The colors look amazing and I always hear such amazing things about the polish and want to try it so badly, but I am on a tight budget, so I look and look online and then chicken out and go to walgreens and buy sinful colors. :( lol I am newer to the whole nail polish scene, but am totally addicted, I am hoping to have a huge collection someday though! ;)

  48. nancy
    E-mail: nancy0_0@live.com
    I would like to try Zoya because even thought i live in a city it becomes harder for me to buy big brand polishes' because most of the time I find the cabinets empty. I think this brand does very in choosing the colors they want to display to the public. I have never had a polish of this brand and hope to at least win in this giveaway. <3

  49. I'm in love with Zoya polishes. Their color range is awesome and I love that they're made without toxic ingredients. My all-time favorite color of theirs is Roxy. I haven't tried either of these colors, yet, but would love to!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  50. Julie M.

    I've always wanted to try Zoya, but have never been able to bring myself to pay the extra money for the polishes. But their colors are all beautiful and I love that they've eliminated all the toxic chemicals!

  51. i was so excitEd when the free zoya fourth of july thing happened because i was so excited to try this particular brand, sadly i was one of the people who did not pay attencion to fine print per say. i was very interested in trying out zoya im jot sure if i want to spend that Ammount of money plus shipping on a brand i may not like. i would love to try this brand & am excited to be part of the opportunity to win some & see if ill be purchasing more of it :)

    araceli z.
    aracelizepeda22@ yahoo dot com

  52. I have a couple of Zoya polishes and I really
    Ike them. The polish goes on smoothly and lasts well despite the workout I give it.

  53. I'd love to win because I'm a nail polish aficionado and would love to add some new colors to my collection!

    Jamie Rose

  54. I only own 2 zoya polishes but I love them both. They go on smoothly and sometimes I can can even get away with using only one coat!

    Kasey C

  55. I've always eyed Zoya's polishes but never actually bought any, so winning one would be awesome!

    Erin P

  56. I have never owned any Zoya polishes but have been eyeing a few for a while and would love to win this contest. These colors look great, thanks for the contest. :)

    Brittany V.

  57. Name: Tami L.
    email: its.tami@yahoo.com
    I love Zoya because their formula is smooth and easy to work with, and they have such nice colors!

  58. Name: Lilli B
    email: lilliburrow@aol.com
    I love Zoya because they have so many delightful polishes.

  59. Name: Lilli B
    email: lilliburrow@aol.com
    I love Zoya because they have so many delightful polishes.

  60. Name: Jessy R.
    email: rycraft018@gmail.com
    Reason: I've never tried Zoya, and have seen the awesome colors they produce, so would love to try before I buy, as it were.

  61. Rebekah Walker, rebekahannwalker@yahoo.com

    I've actually never tried Zoya but I heard how smoothly they go on so I would love to use it !

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